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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

Two people were injured in fire in Rheinbach children's home, a car collided head-on with a bridge pillar in Alfter, there will be more horses again at the Rosenmontag parade in Bonn, and cute rodents become a plague at the Arzdorfer brook – here is our news in brief on Sunday.

Two injured in fire in Rheinbach children's home

RHEINBACH. Around 50 firefighters of the Rheinbach fire brigade were called out to the Dr. Dawo children's home on Mörikeweg at 9.30pm on Saturday evening after smoke had been detected in a residential unit. A pot of burnt food on a stove had triggered the fire alarm. Two of the home's carers were injured in the fire. According to the facility manager, among the more than 30 residents are numerous children, some of whom are severely handicapped. The director was relieved that the fire brigade got there so quickly and could take care of the residents.

(Original text: Michael Wrobel, Axel Vogel)

Three injured in accident on B56: Car collides head-on with bridge pillar in Alfter

ALFTER. Around 11pm the fire brigade and rescue services received a report of a traffic accident with a trapped person on the B56 in Witterschlick between Ahrweg and Raiffeisenstraße. A 77-year-old had been driving from Bonn towards Swisttal when he lost control of his vehicle and veered off the road. In a railway underpass he hit a traffic sign and collided head-on with a bridge pillar. In the vehicle were the 77-year-old driver with his 80-year-old wife and their 48-year-old son. The 80-year-old woman suffered serious injuries in the accident and was taken to Bonn University Hospital. The driver and the son were slightly injured and also taken to hospitals for further treatment. The fire brigade illuminated the scene of the accident for police investigations and removed coolant and oil from the road. The B56 was closed for the duration of the accident.

(Original text: GA Bonn)

Four Corps at Carnival: Again more horses at the Rosenmontag parade in Bonn

BONN. Unlike last year, the Bonn Guard of Honour will once again take part with horses in the Rosenmontag parade. Four Corps form their own riding department. After last year's withdrawal, the Guard of Honour will again compete with four horses at the Rosenmontag parade on March 4. The riders join 18 cavalrymen from Bonn, the Beueler and - brand new - the Rheinbach city soldiers. The colourfully mixed troop wants to move through the city in front of the train. However, the riders will have to adhere to the 2018 requirements, which will probably become even stricter in the future. As reported, this is the consequence after accidents with horses during the parades in Cologne and Bonn. In this context, animal rights activists had demanded the withdrawalof the four-legged friends in the street carnival.

(Original text: Richard Bongartz)

Rodents become a plague: Nutrias at the Arzdorfer brook

Nutrias look cute and are quickly trustful. There is a small population at the Rheinauensee in Bonn and now also near Arzdorf. There, however, the animals undermine embankments and damage harvests. Above all, the feeding and digging of the rodents causes damages that cannot not to be ignored any more. Nutrias grow up to 65 centimetres in size and belong to the rat species, and they also reproduce like those. They live in communities of twelve to 15 animals. Nutrias have also become an integral part of the animal world in the Rheinaue amusement park (reported by the GA) and an attraction for curious walkers. The animals come naturally to people in the hope of being fed. People run the risk of being bitten - even if nutrias sometimes only do so accidentally. The city of Bonn asks not to feed the rodents. Also because of the fear of a further overfertilization near the already troubled Rheinauensee.

(Original text: Petra Reuter)

(Translation: Mareike Graepel)