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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

Despite rain and an accident, Rhine in Flames 2019 was spectacular last night, the investigations after the death of Niklas Pöhler are discontinued, the GOP shows a new program called „Bang, Bang“, lots and lots of activities were tried and tested at the Sports Day in Bonn, a rescue dog found a missing man in Bonn and the American German Business Club Bonn is holding an expert talk on „The War for Talents“ next Thursday – here’s our news in brief on Sunday.

Fabulous fireworks festival: Rhine in Flames 2019 was spectacular

Rhein in Flammen 2019 (1)

This is how Rhine in Flames 2019 looked - here’s our picture gallery.

BONN. On Saturday, the Rheinaue in Bonn was once again all about the fireworks of the Rhine in flames festival. Even though it rained heavily sometimes, the visitors experienced a great spectacle. The rain and an accident at the Ollenhauerstraße / Gronau stop (according to initial information, a man had crossed the tracks at the Ollenhauerstraße / Gronau stop with his bicycle at around 0.20 a.m. and had been caught by an incoming KVB train on line 16) and thus considerable impairments in rail traffic, Rhine in Flames was a wonderful event. The most beautiful pictures of the spectacle can be found here. If you also took photos - please send them to us at online@ga.de or via Facebook-Messenger. (Original text: Stefan Knopp and Michael Wrobel)

Without result: Investigations discontinued after death of Niklas Pöhler

BONN. The brutal act caused dismay nationwide in 2016: Pupil Niklas Pöhler was beaten up in Bad Godesberg so brutally that he died following the incident. Three years after the deadly beatings against Niklas in Bonn, the public prosecutor's office has closed the files. The culprit could not be found because witnesses remained silent. "The perpetrator could not be identified since the entire environment is still adamantly silent," said the Bonn Attorney General Robin Faßbender at the request of the German Press Agency. 17-year-old Niklas was beaten to death in May 2016. If someday somebody should manage to break his silence, the investigation would be resumed, said Faßbender. (Original text: Ayla Jacob (with dpa material)

GOP premiere for "Bang Bang" show in Bonn

BONN. With "Bang Bang", the GOP presents a show that is as shrill as it is radiant. It is a special mixture of exuberant play and fine emotion. "Bang Bang" can still be seen at GOP Bonn until June 30, 2019. Performances will take place from Wednesdays to Sundays; tickets from 29 Euro plus possible fees are available in the bonnticket shops of the GA offices. (Original text: Thomas Kölsch)

Sports day at the Münsterplatz: Lots and lots of activities in Bonn

BONN. Despite the changeable weather, many people from Bonn found their way to the Day of Sports on the Münsterplatz on Saturday. Several Bonn sports clubs presented themselves and invited visitors to participate in their sports offers. "In the future, we will also think of sport in Bonn in a cultural context," said Bonn's new head of department for sport and culture, Birgit Schneider-Bönninger, on the fringes of the event on the Day of Bonn Sports on Münsterplatz. Sport and culture pursued common goals. Both stand for tolerance, participation and talent. (Original text: Stefan Hermes)

Success for Jazz: Rescue dog finds missing man in Bonn

BONN. On Friday evening the rescue dog team Bonn/Rhein-Sieg e. V. was called out because an elderly man was missing. Thanks to the rescue dog Jazz, the man could be found. According to Bonn police, the squadron had supported the officers on Friday evening in their search for an 86-year-old man from Duisdorf. He had been reported missing at 6 pm. In the course of the initiated search in the vicinity of the home the man lives in as well as at some known addresses, the senior could not be found at first.

In view of the continuous rain and the low temperatures, the police in Bonn requested their own search dogs and at 10 pm also asked the rescue dog squadron Bonn/Rhein-Sieg e. V. for support. According to the press release, nine teams were deployed. 45 minutes later the squadron leader Silvia Wessels reported that her dog had found the missing person. He had fallen near the Konrad-Adenauer-Damm and lay hidden on the ground. An ambulance brought the man, who was already hypothermic, to a hospital. Further information to the work as well as photos of the rescue dog team Bonn/Rhein-Sieg registered association can be found at https://www.rettungshunde-bonn.de/. (Original text: GA Bonn)

American-German Business Club Bonn e.V.: „War for Talents“ talk next Thursday

BONN. The AGBC Bonn is holding an expert talk on „ The War for Talents“ this coming Thursday, May 9, 2019, at 7pm, at the Senat der Wirtschaft Bonn. Keynote Speaker will be Rolf Heeb, Managing Director of AIMS International Germany. The „War for Talents“ is not what can be expected in the future, it exists already for some time. Germany is a market which is even more impacted than other countries. The impact on candidate expectations, employer branding, and organizational changes will be addressed. This topic is a challenge for growing companies and a chance for every individual in the labor market looking for new professional opportunities.

There will be an introduction by Mr. Dieter Härthe, Honorary Consulate General for the Republic of Senegal and Chairman of the Board Senat der Wirtschaft), and Dr. Christoph Brüssel, Board Member of the Senat der Wirtschaft. To register until May 6 (Monday), please go to http://events.agbc.de/public/event/showevent/id/857

(Translation: Mareike Graepel)