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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

A refuge hut in Sankt Augustin burned out completely, with a new plaque in Rhöndorf the Adenauerhaus becomes a station on the "Path to Democracy“, two men were arrested after a man was injured in a knife attack in Tannenbusch, there are still puddles on the Rigal'schen Wiese despite renovation and a modern lounge was opened at the Haus der Geschichte – here’s our news in brief on Sunday.

Fire brigade call-out: Refuge hut in Sankt Augustin burns out completely

SANKT AUGUSTIN. A municipal refuge hut near the A560 in Sankt Augustin burned out on Saturday evening. The fire brigade arrived quickly and was able to get the fire under control. The cause of the fire is unclear. The hut is situated remotely between a railway embankment, a sewage treatment plant and the 560 motorway, where vandalism and minor arson had occurred time and time again in the past. About three and a half years ago, unknown people had sawed off and torn out parts of the veranda and the roof. The hut is a streetworker project of the city of Sankt Augustin. It was built as a "Youth Protection Area" (official name) by the Association for the Promotion of Urban Youth Facilities in Sankt Augustin and opened in April 2008. A carpenter and young people were involved. The hut is currently run by Jessica Linden, the city's street worker.

(Original text: GA Bonn)


Plaque in Rhöndorf unveiled: Adenauerhaus now a station on the "Path to Democracy“

SIEBENGEBIRGE. The Adenauerhaus in Rhöndorf is now one of the stations on the „Path to Democracy“. Soon the Petersberg will be added. The „Path to Democracy“ reminds us of important places in the history of German democracy in Bonn and the surrounding area. In Rhöndorf, the plaque refers to an event that Adenauer himself once described in retrospect as "his most important political decision": The Rhöndorf Conference.

On this Sunday, 19 May, the Museum Festival will take place in the Adenauerhaus. The focus is on "70 years of the Grundgesetz". From 10 am to 6pm there is a lot to see and do. Admission is free.

(Original text: Claudia Sülzen)


Two men arrested: Man injured after knife attack in Tannenbusch

TANNENBUSCH. Two men attacked another on Friday evening at about 7.30 pm on the Oppelner Straße in Tannenbusch. A police officer said upon request that this was a dispute in which a knife was also involved. "One person suffered cuts to his legs," the police officer continued, "but there were no life-threatening injuries“. The victim was taken to hospital for treatment.

(Original text: Axel Vogel)


City unhappy with construction company: Puddles on the Rigal'schen Wiese despite renovation

BAD GODESBERG. On the Rigal'schen Wiese rainwater still remains on the parking lot, it does not drain off. The reason for this: The soil is not permeable enough. This spring, a remedy is to be found with a so-called seepage ditch. "The waterproof soil will therefore be replaced by permeable gravel," the explanation said. The problem: "The company commissioned is not very motivated to work on these jobs", the administration said at a meeting. The reason for this was disputes over parts of the total cost of around 215,000 Euro.

(Original text: Ayla Jacob)


Reading, chilling, talking: Haus der Geschichte opens a modern lounge

BONN. The Haus der Geschichte has converted its information centre into a modern "lounge". Thousands of eyewitness interviews are available. "We've thought long and hard about what we call it, we'll try ‚lounge‘ for now," said Hans Walter Hütter, President of the Haus der Geschichte Foundation, at the presentation of the room, which was completely renovated in three months. The content range is also aimed at a young audience. This house shows that young people are interested in history," says Günter Winands, Chairman of the Foundation's Board of Trustees, "all you have to do is convince them and use the digital world and new forms of museum education. Hütter is convinced that the lounge will give a boost to the "quality of stay": "This is a modern feel-good place, a centre of knowledge and communication," says the president.

(Original text: Thomas Kliemann)


(Translation: Mareike Graepel)