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Tarent Solutions builds new office building in the western part of Bonn, motorway lanes on A3 in the Siebengebirge to be be closed, Bad Honnef to embed active climate protection in its budget, „Masculinities" exhibition opens in three cities, Clemens August Road in Königswinter closed for four weeks, a 22-year-old is desperately looking for a nurse for her mother in Rheinbach, and the Telekom Baskets defeat Dragons Rhöndorf with 103:48 – here’s our news in brief on Sunday.

 Der Klimawandel ist nicht erst durch die Fällungen im Stadtwald in Bad Honnef angekommen.

Der Klimawandel ist nicht erst durch die Fällungen im Stadtwald in Bad Honnef angekommen.

Foto: Frank Homann

Tarent Solutions builds new office building in the western part of Bonn

BONN. A new office building is being built in the western part of the city, which is due to be ready for occupancy in 2021: at Dickobskreuz 10, within sight of the waste processing plant, the excavators have been working for weeks to prepare the building site. The tenant will be a young company from Bonn: the software house tarent solutions GmbH from Duisdorf.

In addition to a purchasing app, Tarent offers further software for the retail trade and other industries. The company also concentrates on "Internet of Things scenarios using artificial intelligence," as a spokesperson explained. The company has 172 employees in Bonn and 137 in Cologne, Berlin and Bucharest. Tarent estimates its annual turnover for 2018 at 20.1 million Euro. In the previous year it was 16 million.

(Original text: Andreas Baumann)

Restrictions from Monday: Lanes on A3 in the Siebengebirge will be closed

SIEBENGEBIRGE. On the motorway A3 between the Siebengebirge and Bad Honnef/Linz junctions, damage to the road must be repaired. For car drivers there will therefore be restrictions from Monday onwards.

From Monday, September 2, motorists will have to be prepared for restrictions on the Autobahn 3. The Rhine-Berg regional branch of the Landesbetriebs Straßen NRW will repair road damage between the Siebengebirge and Bad Honnef/Linz junctions in the direction of Frankfurt on four days. "These are damages that need to be repaired," says spokeswoman Sabrina Kieback.

On the next three assembly days, 2, 9 and 16 September and Wednesday 18 September, two of the three lanes will therefore be closed between 8 am and 4 pm. However, the hard shoulder will be released for use during the operation so that traffic can pass on two lanes at the construction site area.

(Original text: Alexander Hertel)

City Council: Bad Honnef wants to embed active climate protection in its budget plans

BAD HONNEF. The city administration of Bad Honnef wants to embed active climate protection in its budget plans. To this end, it recommends a focus consultation as an introduction to this highly complex topic, to which there are no simple answers. Climate change has arrived in Bad Honnef due to the alarming news from the city forest, where thousands of spruce trees are infested with the bark beetle after a prolonged drought.

Seven points in the environmental committee in the narrower or broader sense revolve around this important topic. Among other things, the focus is on "Climate Protection Focus Advice". The administration proposes applying for funding for this – and thus taking a first step towards anchoring active climate protection with expert support. The city estimates the costs at around 19,000 Euro, of which 12,400 Euro can be funded by the Federal Environment Ministry. The application must be submitted by the end of September.

(Original text: Claudia Sülzen)

Exhibition in Bonn, Cologne and Düsseldorf: "Masculinities" opened at three locations

BONN/KÖLN/DÜSSELDORF. The female view of men: The art associations in Bonn, Cologne and Düsseldorf open three exhibitions with the same theme. They can be visited until 24 November.

What could a feminist exhibition on masculinity look like? That was the question asked by the directors of the art associations in Bonn, Cologne and Düsseldorf. So Michelle Cotton, Nikola Dietrich and Eva Birkenstock decided to organize a joint exhibition entitled "Masculinities" for the first time. The show will open with three locations on this Saturday, 2.30 pm, in Bonn, in Cologne at 5 pm and in Düsseldorf at 7.30 pm. It can be seen until 24 November.

Bonner Kunstverein, Hochstadenring 22,; Kölnischer Kunstverein, Hahnenstraße 6,; Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Grabbeplatz 4,

(Original text: Jill Mylonas)

Construction work in Königswinter: Clemens August Road closed for four weeks

KÖNIGSWINTER. The bus stop at Clemens-August-Straße in Königswinter will be turned into a barrier-free version from Monday. There will be no access from Ferdinand-Mülhens-Straße (L 331) to Rheinallee: From next Monday, September 2, Clemens-August-Straße in the Königswinter Altstadt will be completely closed for four weeks. A traffic light system and security posts regulate the diversion traffic. "The conversion will be carried out according to the guidelines," says Krämer.

As reported, according to the Passenger Transport Act (Personenbeförderungsgesetz) public transport stops are to be completely barrier-free by 1 January 2022. In Königswinter, a total of 45 stops will have to made barrier-free. The total costs amount to around 1.8 million Euro, according to the Rhineland Public Transport Authority (NVR), which covers around 90 percent of the costs. "We are supporting the expansion with almost 1.6 million Euro," said NVR spokesman Benjamin Jeschor on GA request.

(Original text: Alexander Hertel)

24-hour care in Rheinbach needed: 22-year-old is looking for nurse for her mother

RHEINBACH. 22-year-old Alisha Kopleck is looking for 24-hour care for her severely disabled mother. The student has already contacted around 90 nursing services in the last three years.

Body care, nutrition, the function of a respirator, mobilisation measures: Over the past few years, 22-year-old Alisha Kopleck has gradually acquired medical expertise and knowledge in the home care of a severely disabled patient. Forced to do so because her mother S. Kopleck has been bedridden since 2016, cannot move, cannot speak and is dependent on 24-hour care. Five nursing services have so far provided service in the terraced house in the Rheinbach development area, but it has not worked out.

"Because either the nursing services did not have the personnel capacities for day and night care, disbanded or we had to resign because the caregivers were not motivated enough," Alisha criticized the nationwide nursing emergency, which she herself had been experiencing for years. Despite the serious illness, the 52-year-old is regularly on the air in the social media with the help of a voice computer that she controls with her eyes.

Anyone interested in 24-hour care can contact the Kopleck family via email at .

(Original text: Susanne Träupmann)

Basketball season preparation: Telekom Baskets defeat Dragons Rhöndorf with 103:48

BAD HONNEF. Telekom Baskets Bonn beat its cooperation partner Dragons Rhöndorf 103:48 at the traditional basketball season preparation tournament "Gezeiten Haus Cup". It was a good opportunity to see the two newly formed teams in action. The much stronger Baskets won against their cooperation partner 103:48 (16:18, 21:14, 31:11, 35:5) and got to the final as expected, in which the Baskets meet the basketball federal league team S.Oliver Würzburg on Sunday at 4.30 pm.

The league competitor had prevailed with 101:60 before against Römerstrom Gladiators Trier. The Röhndorfer play on Sunday at 2 pm to compete for third place against Trier.

(Original text: Bernd Joisten)

(Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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