GA English on Sunday News in Brief from Bonn and the region

Five rescued from burning penthouse in Sankt Augustin late on Saturday, elderly driver left trail of destruction when crashing his car in Rheinbach, the fire brigade extinguished container blaze in Bornheim, an initiative against xenophobia in Beuel tells the stories of 80 stumbling blocks, music corps of the Bundeswehr is to play with the Royal Swedish Army Band on Tuesday – here’s our news in brief on Sunday.

 Die Wohnung steht in Vollbrand.

Die Wohnung steht in Vollbrand.

Foto: Ulrich Felsmann

Menden: Fire brigade rescues people from burning penthouse

SANKT AUGUSTIN. In Sankt Augustin-Menden, a 100 square metre apartment was on fire late on Saturday evening. The fire brigade was able to rescue three people with ladders from the affected floor, two others had to wait on a balcony. One mother and her four-year-old child were taken to the Marienhospital in Bonn. Another woman from a neighbouring apartment was taken to the hospital in Bonn-Beuel with smoke poisoning. The area around Meindorfer Straße was closed off. In addition to the firefighters, several ambulances, emergency doctors and police cars were on site.

(Original text: Michael Wrobel and Ulrich Felsmann)

Path of destruction: Elderly driver hit several cars with his car before it turned over

RHEINBACH. A pair of senior citizens left a trail of destruction on Saturday afternoon on their journey on Keramikerstraße in Rheinbach for reasons unknown so far: They rammed several parked cars with their Audi and then turned over with their car. First responders took care of the two elderly people who were injured in the accident until the rescue workers arrived at the scene. The two injured were taken to hospital after an examination.

(Original text: Michael Wrobel)

Fire brigade in Bornheim has to extinguish container blaze

BORNHEIM. For reasons still unknown, several containers caught fire in Bornheim on Saturday evening. The containers were on fire on the premises of a farmer. Adjacent plastic crates were also on fire when the fire brigade arrived. A spokesman for the fire brigade said that the source of the fire was correspondingly large. Already during the extinguishing work the police took up the investigation to the cause of the blaze.

(Original text: Michael Wrobel)

Memories of Bonn’s Nazi Victims: Stumbling blocks which hardly anyone stumbles over

BEUEL. The initiative against xenophobia in Beuel draws attention to the inconspicuous blocks in the pavement and reminds of the stumbling blocks of Nazi crimes. There are 80 stumbling blocks in Beuel. Stumbling blocks which nobody really stumbles over. They lie inconspicuously embedded in the sidewalks. Names, the year of deportation and sometimes a place of death are all they reveal about the victims they are dedicated to. The initiative against xenophobia Beuel tells its stories – which ones exactly you’ll be able to read in tomorrow’s edition of GA English.

(Original text: Sophia Rogalla)

Music Corps of the Bundeswehr: Abba, Queen and Marching Music in Siegburg

SIEGBURG. Christoph Scheibling and the Bundeswehr music corps play with the Royal Swedish Army Band in the Rhein-Sieg-Halle on Tuesday. As an elite orchestra, the Bundeswehr Music Corps is the musical business card of the Federal Government. At international state receptions, the musicians from the Brückberg barracks provide the perfect setting. And when they perform in their garrison town of Siegburg for the New Year's Concert, a sold-out house is guaranteed. For the second time now, the music corps will be on stage in Siegburg on Tuesday, 17 September, 8 pm, in the Rhein-Sieg-Halle, with a guest orchestra from abroad - this time they will perform with the Royal Swedish Army Band - on the Siegburg stage.

(Original text: Susanne Haase-Mühlbauer)

(Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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