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GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

Bonn city appeals to residents to stay at home, Uniklink seeking plasma donations from recovered COVID-19 patients, police searching for 13-year old missing boy from Troisdorf and Macke painting returns to Bonn - here is our news in brief on Sunday.

“Please observe restrictions,” says Bonn mayor

With the Easter holidays just around the corner and the glorious weather forecast for the weekend, the temptation to go outside is great. However, Bonn city is appealing for people to stay at home due to the continuing increase in the number of coronavirus infections. Anyone who should nevertheless be out and about must comply with the contact ban of more than two people and keep their distance from others. "So far, we have not succeeded in containing the spread of the virus," said Ashok Sridharan, Bonn mayor, as quoted by the city. "Therefore, please observe the restrictions."

The municipal security services will be intensively monitoring the old town, the Rheinaue park, the Rhine promenade and other areas in the coming days. Care will be taken to ensure that no large groups gather outside and that sufficient social distance is maintained. Those who do not comply with the restrictions face high fines.

The city of Bonn has also temporarily closed the Japanese Garden in the Rheinaue park. The paths there are too narrow to be able to maintain the necessary social distancing.

(Original text: Andreas Dyck)

Uniklinik calls for plasma donations from recovered COVID-19 patients

The University Hospital (Uniklinik) in Bonn is seeking people who are fully recovered from COVID-19 to donate plasma to help currently infected patients. The hospital made an appeal for donors on Facebook on Thursday. Recovered patients have formed antibodies in their plasma that could help to strengthen the immune system of infected patients. The hospital’s blood donation service announced that these antibodies could have a life-saving effect similar to a passive vaccination.

The prerequisite for a donation is that the recovered patient has not shown any symptoms of COVID-19 disease for two weeks and that the corona virus is no longer detectable in a swab taken from the nose and throat. Donors are requested to contact the Uniklinik by email at blutspende@ukbonn.de and leave their contact details.

(Original text: dpa)

Police intensify search for missing Troisdorf boy

Police are continuing to search for Alexander H., a 13-year old boy from Troisdorf, who has been missing since 24th March. Bonn police have now taken over the investigation from the Siegburg district police, with more resources available to increase the intensity of the search. Bonn police spokesman Robert Scholten said that the police still have no evidence of a crime.

Police officers are looking for people who may have been in contact with the 13-year-old. They know that Alexander used to hang out in the Siegburg area, near Bonn's main train station and also in Cologne. Police officers distributed leaflets and hung up wanted posters on Thursday in these areas. So far there are no clues as to the boy's whereabouts.

Alexander was last seen at home in Kriegsdorf on Monday 23rd March, at around 10 pm. Investigators assume that the 13-year-old left his parental home unnoticed during the night. It would seem that he did not want to be contacted because he took his mobile phone without the SIM card. Alexander is around 1.63 meters tall, slim build with brown eyes and short blond hair. He was dressed in a black Hollister hooded sweatshirt, a black winter jacket, jeans and black Adidas sneakers with green flecks. The 13-year-old also took a black baseball cap, a dark blue hooded Hollister sweatshirt, light blue jogging pants and his Nintendo Switch game console.

Anyone who may have seen Alexander H. or who can provide information about his whereabouts are requested to contact the Criminal Investigation Department of the Bonn Police on 0228 150.

(Original text: Bettina Köhl)

Macke painting donated to Bonn Kunstmuseum

A painting by August Macke (1887 – 1914), one of the most famous German expressionist painters, has been donated to the Kunstmuseum in Bonn by Sebastian Fetscher, a physician from Lübeck. The painting "Blick aus der Bornheimer Straße" (view from Bornheimer Straße) is worth 55,000 euros and shows the view from the house of the artist’s girlfriend Elisabeth Gerhardt. The pastel work was painted in 1907, during Macke’s time in Bonn, shortly after he returned from a long stay Paris.

It is not yet known when the painting will be on show at the Kunstmuseum as restauration works must firstly be carried out. Unlike oil paintings, which in principle can be displayed all year round, works on paper are very sensitive to light and can only be exhibited for a maximum of two to three months per year. The rest of the time they are returned to the museum’s dark archives. The donor is very pleased that the painting is returning to the place where it was made. "It's a really beautiful painting, which will certainly bring joy to many people," says the art lover.

(Original text: Thomas Leurs)

(Translations: Caroline Kusch)