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GA English on Sunday: News in brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in brief from Bonn and the region

A three-day, scaled-down version of the Panama Open Air festival will take place at the end of June and early July, summer will arrive in Germany from Tuesday, the Beueler Bütt pool will close and a new combined swimming pool built in Pützchen, and a young driver was seriously injured after colliding into a tree in Bonn – here is our news in brief on Sunday.

A scaled-down Panama Open Air event will take place at the end of June

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Panama Open Air festival, which should have taken place in Bonn at the beginning of July, has been postponed to September. But the organisers want to celebrate at least on a smaller scale in a beer garden. “Three days, three DJs, one location” – that's how you can summarise the "Beer Garden Edition" of the Panama Open Air festival.

In the “Beer Garden Edition” in the park restaurant in the Rheinaue, Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 20 in Bonn, Panama fans will be able to enjoy sun and techno vibes on three days in late June and early July. The organisers point out that the available space is limited and that the seats might therefore sell out quickly.

The group Andhim will start the event on Friday, 26 June, from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. On Saturday, 27 June, Thomas Benedix of the Berlin duo Pan-Pot will be a guest and will play between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. Dominik Eulberg will end the beer garden version of Panama Open Air event on Friday, July 3.

(Original text; ga.de)

Summer will arrive in Germany from Tuesday

Although there will be clouds and occasional showers on Sunday in Germany, it will look a little bit summery and will get warmer afterwards. On Tuesday, the temperatures will even reach the 30 degree mark. The weather will then "set the course for summer", the German Weather Service (DWD) announced on Saturday.

However, a restrained start to the summer is expected for the time being: In Western Pomerania as well as along the Oder and Neisse rivers and in Southern Bavaria there will be lots of clouds, according to the DWD, and some rain. The temperatures will rise to 26 degrees therefore with weak wind westerly wind.

After many clouds and slight precipitation in the night, Monday will start mostly cloudy. In the south, there will be isolated showers and in the northeast even strong thunderstorms. Otherwise it will remain dry with a maximum temperature of up to 26 degrees. In the night to Tuesday it will cool to 6 degrees, with mostly low clouds or clear skies.

On Tuesday the weather will be more summery with few clouds and lots of sunshine according to the DWD forecast. Temperatures will climb to 29 degrees in the west and southwest. According to DWD it will be a little cooler at the sea and in the mountains and at times very cloudy in the east, but even here it will remain mostly dry.

(Original text; dpa)

Beueler Bütt pool will close and a combined swimming pool be built in Pützchen.

The majority coalition of CDU, SPD and FDP has voted against the Greens, the Citizens' Association and the Left Party in favour of construction of a combined swimming pool on the grounds of the Ennertbad in Pützchen. The Beueler Bütt in Goetheallee will be demolished and the site used for social housing. However, as part of the overall "Redevelopment of the Bonn Bathing Landscape", this will not happen for about ten years.

Stefan Günther explained why the city of Bonn considers it sensible to combine the pools: The "Beueler Bütt is the indoor pool in Bonn with the fewest visitors and in recent years only had 22,000 swimmers on average per season". In his opinion, this is due to the unattractive and outdated equipment of the indoor pool. Furthermore, the renovation backlog in the Beueler Bütt favours investment in a new location.

In the new combi pool in Pützchen, swimming will be offered all year round for schools and clubs. The city will also significantly increase the swimming areas in the indoor pool. Günther is optimistic that the planned combi pool can be harmonised with the adjacent flora-fauna-habitat area.

The Greens are strictly against a merger of the baths. Michael Seeland said: “The Beueler Bütt is centrally located in Beuel and can be better reached by visitors”. The Greens are also critical of the parking situation on the edge of the Ennert nature reserve. Matin Eßer (FDP) said: “The planning makes sense in all points and above all promises an end to the tiresome discussion about swimming pools. Citizens have not heard about the controversial topic for a long time.” Ralf Laubenthal (SPD) said: “The idea of the combi bath is not new. But I am pleased that the city administration has now also come to this conclusion.”

(Original text; Holger Willcke)

Young driver is seriously injured after colliding into a tree in Bonn

A 18-year-old man crashed his car into a tree in Bonn-Gronau on Saturday morning and was seriously injured and taken to hospital. According to the police report, the driver was driving in the direction of Bad Godesberg on Friedrich-Ebert-Allee when he lost control of the car. At the junction of Olof-Palme-Allee, he left the lane and, for reasons yet unclear, collided with a tree at the side of the road. The police estimated the damage to be about 9,000 euros. The car was towed away and was no longer roadworthy. Officials closed off Friedrich-Ebert-Allee to the south during the accident investigation on Saturday morning.

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(Translations, John Chandler)