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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the Region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the Region

The Brotfabrik shows an exhibition of movie poster art, two people were killed in an accident on the A3 between the Bonn/Siegburg junction and Siebengebirge/Königswinter on Saturday evening, Bonn police again carried out checks on the banks of the Rhine and stopped a drunk cyclist and 11 people were given expulsion orders, and a nursery-school teacher from Bad Godesberg has tested positive for coronavirus – here is our news in brief on Sunday.

The Brotfabrik shows cinema poster art for fans

Beuel Kolja Senteur's new art exhibition at the Brotfabrik is a treat for film fans. A picture consisting solely of birds depicting Alfred Hitchcock's portrait, a picture that highlights every furrow of Clint Eastwood's grim face, or a watercolour by Horst Schimanski, painted with watercolours using Duisburg harbour water. The exhibition "Kolja At the Movies" in the foyer of the Brotfabrik is a true El Dorado for movie buffs and those who want to become one.

The portraits and stills of world-famous films and style icons presented by the painter and avowed film lover Kolja Senteur at his vernissage are equally impressive for their artistic creativity and the high recognition value of their cult motifs. From Wolfgang Petersen's "The Boat", to a triptych of Klaus Kinski's unmistakable face, to Robert De Niro's world-famous pose in "Taxi Driver", there is much to tempt the visitor into joyful recognition of the subjects. The artist from Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler proves his creativity as well as his wide-ranging skills as a painter by rendering his motifs in various styles adapted to the content.

Friends of B-movies will also get their money's worth when they marvel at an oil painting with a motif from "Torture Camp of the Love Witches", surrounded by a huge VHS cassette. A dynamic scene from "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" bears expressionist traits, whereas a painting of Winnetou looking into the distance is in keeping with 60s Pop Art. "My exhibition is clearly aimed at film fans," Senteur explained. "However, I would like to contribute to film being seen as an art form in its own right and less as a mere entertainment medium".

The exhibition "Kolja At the Movies" runs until September 22. The works can be seen in the foyer of the Brotfabrik at Kreuzstraße 16.

Two people were killed in an accident on the A3 on Saturday evening.

Königswinter. On Saturday evening, a driver collided with another vehicle driving in the wrong direction on the A3 in the direction of Siegburg near Königswinter-Thomasberg. The vehicle of the wrong-way driver, a VW Polo with SU license plates, skidded into the oncoming lane during the collision. The driver, who was alone in the car, was thrown out of the vehicle and fatally injured. The other vehicle involved, a Mercedes E-class station wagon, caught fire in the collision and the driver and a dog were killed in the burning car. Witnesses tried to extinguish the burning car.

Five fire services with about 100 firemen from Königswinter and Sankt Augustin rushed to the scene of the accident. As it could not be ruled out that there might be further victims or injured, several ambulances were called to the scene of the accident and verges of the Autobahn were searched by a rescue helicopter and firefighters, to rule out the possibility of other people having been involved in the accident.

The motorway was completely closed in both directions between the Bonn/Siegburg junction and Siebengebirge/Königswinter. A two-kilometer traffic jam that accumulated in the direction from Frankfurt was diverted via a single lane. In the other direction, traffic was diverted from the Bonn/Siegburg junction.

According to the police, the motorway was to remain closed into the night, as the accident would take several hours to record. Forces of the technical relief agency were called in to illuminate the accident site.

(Original text, Michael Wrobel and Ralf Klodt)

Bonn police again carried out checks on the banks of the Rhine

Bonn. The Bonn police once again carried out controls on the banks of the Rhine in the city centre this weekend. According to the police, about 70 police officers were out and about from around 9:30 p.m. and together with the city planning service, checked 86 people, eleven of whom received expulsion orders.

At about 9.40 p.m., a driver who was driving his apparently modified car at the corner of Oxfordstraße and Kesselgasse was stopped and checked by the emergency services. The officers had noticed changes to the vehicle that would lead to invalidation of the license. To conduct further investigations, the emergency services seized the vehicle and initiated an investigation against the driver.

At about 11 p.m., traffic officials stopped a cyclist who was coming from the Kennedy Bridge without lights and was cycling irregularly in the direction of Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz. The 30-year-old also passed through a red light at the corner of Berliner Freiheit/Sandkaule. A voluntary breath test showed a value of about 1.8 per thousand. The man accompanied officers to the Ramersdorf police station, where a blood sample was taken.

The Bonn police announced that they would continue their presence and control activities along the banks of the Rhine in the city centre.

(Original text, Jill Mylonas)

Nursery-school teacher from Bad Godesberg tested positive for coronavirus

Bad Godesberg. A teacher at the nursery "Rigal'sche Wiese" in Bad Godesberg has tested positive for coronavirus. The day-care centre has been closed and the teachers’ contacts are currently being determined. The parents were informed immediately and picked up all their children.

The question now is with whom the educator had a lot (contact person category 1) or little (contact person category 2) to do in recent days. The children had not been quarantined. The contacts who fall into category 1 must undergo quarantine for two weeks. It is also not yet clear what effects the case will have on the entire day-care centre operation. The parents will be informed on Monday.

Currently 52 people in Bonn are ill with Covid-19, and 46 new infections have been registered in the last seven days.

(Original text, Silke Elbern)

(Translations, John Chandler)