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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the Region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the Region

The city of Bonn has to date vaccinated the most citizens in a NRW comparison, latest coronavirus figures from Bonn and the region show that the seven-day coronavirus incidence has increased significantly, Bonnorange has set up an online survey for how people in Bonn rate the cleanliness of their city, the Beuel Museum of Local History and the Mayor Stroof House plan a new start, and Astronomy on Tap Bonn is hosting another YouTube live virtual event – here is our news in brief on Sunday.

The city of Bonn has to date vaccinated the most citizens in a NRW comparison

Bonn. The coronavirus incidence value in Bonn jumped from 85.0 to 95.2 from last Thursday to Friday. Concrete reasons for this are unclear, but in a press conference with Health Office Director Susanne Engels and Fire Chief Jochen Stein, Engels spoke of many individual cases at schools and daycare centres. Overall, the proportion of the significantly more rapidly contagious virus variants had risen to 54.4 per cent of infections. Therefore, the city of Bonn will step-up vaccinations, but with 13.15 first vaccinations per 100 inhabitants, Bonn ranks top in North Rhine-Westphalia. The city also occupies the top position in the number of second vaccinations, with 5.56 vaccinations per 100 inhabitants. The Rhein-Sieg district ranks last among all municipalities in NRW.

The figures are based on current information from the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) North Rhine-Westphalia on the numbers of all coronavirus vaccinations in individual cities and districts to date and were compiled by the GA editorial team. In Bonn, 46,367 citizens have received their first inoculation and 18,744 their second. The numbers are to rise further, if the inoculation of over 70-year-olds with comorbidities can be prioritized starting from Monday. For this, the city of Bonn has written to all practising doctors and asked them to contact the relevant patients. Patients can also contact their doctors themselves. About 600 vaccination appointments are available for this coming week, but only 90 have been booked so far. Bookings for the over-80s, a large proportion of whom have now been vaccinated, have fallen as expected. Those people among 33 special groups that include teachers and educators, physiotherapists, pastoral care workers and emergency personnel can obtain vaccination appointments until this Wednesday, because the city is expecting another 500 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

From April 6, all over 70s will be able to book vaccination appointments, even if they have no underlying illness. Bookings will be available through the appointment booking system of the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (www.116117.de and by telephone on 0800/11 61 17 01) and the first vaccinations will be given from April 8, 2021.

From 7 April, family doctors will also be able to give vaccinations. As a priority, they are to vaccinate all adults with pre-existing health conditions, regardless of age. The pre-existing conditions that lead to priority vaccination eligibility include, among others, people who have received an organ transplant, those with dementia or an intellectual disability, a severe psychiatric illness, and those people with obesity, diabetes, chronic kidney disease or chronic liver disease.

(Original text, Lisa Inhoffen)

Latest coronavirus figures from Bonn and the region

The seven-day incidence in Bonn increased significantly on Saturday. According to the city administration, the figure on Saturday was 109.2, whereas on Friday, the incidence was 95.2. The city has recorded 360 new infections in the past seven days, and 570 people are currently infected. In total, 10,355 people have tested positive for the coronavirus since the pandemic began, and 206 people have died in connection with the virus. According to the city administration, 76 people from Bonn and the surrounding area who have contracted Covid-19 are currently in hospitals in Bonn: 43 of them are being cared for in normal wards, 33 are in intensive care, and 20 of them have to be ventilated.

The incidence value in the Rhine-Sieg district is 105.4 (as of Saturday), according to the North Rhine-Westphalia State Centre for Health. According to the report, 102 new cases have been registered, bringing the total number of reported cases to 17,425.

(Original text, GA)

Bonnorange has set up an online survey for Bonners to rate the cleanliness of their city

Bonn. Are there enough wastebaskets in Bonn? How do you rate the degree of cleanliness on the banks of the Rhine? Since Monday, Bonn residents can answer these and other questions and express their wishes in an online survey by Bonnorange on cleanliness in the city.

In 2017 and 2019, Bonnorange had conducted representative surveys on cleanliness in the city. In 2017, the overall satisfaction with city cleanliness was rather low. The critical perception of city cleanliness then improved significantly in 2019. After the poor result of 2017, Bonnorange says it introduced demand-based cleaning and since then, the city centre has been cleaned twice a day, and the Rhine bank once a day since 2020. A quality measurement system evaluates the city's cleanliness and assigns additional cleaning missions as needed. Citizens can monitor the results on the "clean map" at www.sauberes-bonn.de. Bonnorange now takes care of cleanliness at bus stops and waste bins.

Marcel Zielinski, who has been leading the "Bonn Sweeper" project, a cooperation between the Association for People at Risk and Bonnorange, since 2019, says that there is a lack of rubbish bins and public toilets. From Monday to Friday, he and a group of helpers move through the city centre from Kaiserplatz to Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz and to the old cemetery, collecting rubbish.

Bonn residents can participate in the survey until April 18. The results will then be evaluated and how the insights gained can be used for a cleaner Bonn will be discussed.

(Original text, Christine Ludewig)

The Beuel Museum of Local History and the Mayor Stroof House plan a new start

Beuel. The Beuel Local Conservation and History Society wants to make a first cautious step towards opening, with a "coronavirus exhibition" in the Beuel Museum of Local History in May. While the large buildings along Bonn's Museum Mile have large exhibition areas, the Beuel Museum of Local History has much less space. This means that distancing rules are difficult to comply with in the half-timbered building as well as in the barn, and an elaborate registration and procedure cannot be offered. In addition, almost all the volunteers are of an age when they themselves belong to the risk group, which is why the museum has decided not to stay closed until Easter and then make a new decision. This means that the popular Easter-egg hunt around the museum will be cancelled this year. The board hopes that the museum will be open again from May onwards at the normal times (Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3 to 6 p.m.). To complement the coronavirus exhibition at the relaunch, other presentations are already being prepared. In addition to various lectures, there may be an activity in the museum's outdoor area in June, together with the Brotfabrik.

The situation is similar in the Mayor Stroof House. Officially, the house is still closed, but the historical specialist library, the archives and the 'Beuel Central Office for Genealogical Research' have been open to individual visitors. The house is not only a museum, but also a place of historical research and education. To strictly observe the hygiene and distancing rules in the narrow building, only one person was allowed in at a time, on the condition that they had registered in advance. Such individual appointments are still possible. Registrations are accepted by telephone (0228/ 422 14 664/TAB) or by e-mail (denkmalverein.bonn@t-online.de). Some work in the building has occurred in recent months, including the authentically furnished office and living quarters of the former mayor. The Beuel Local Conservation and History Society has not yet made any concrete plans for the future, but will see when it will be possible to open the museum again and to offer an educational programme again.

(Original text, Gabriele Immenkeppel)

Astronomy on Tap Bonn is hosting another YouTube live virtual event

Astronomy on Tap Bonn is going virtual due to Covid-19 restrictions on public life. Join them on Tuesday 30 March at 19:00 on YouTube live for another virtual event. This month they will have: 1) Dr Yvette Cendes on "What would happen if a supernova occurs in our Galaxy"; 2) Dr Victoria Yankelevich: "The Universe in a pancake". They will hold a live quiz and one lucky winner will receive a super astro prize via mail!

For more information, follow them or contact them on the following:

email: AoTBonn@gmail.com

facebook: www.facebook.com/aotbonn

twitter: twitter.com/aotbonn

instagram: www.instagram.com/aotbonn/

youtube: www.youtube.com/channel

((Translations: John Chandler) )