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Bonn/Region · Significant drop in coronavirus infections in Bonn announced on Saturday, email from Beethoven Orchestra breaches data security, Gamescom to be held online in 2021, and new signage on the Rhine in Beuel causes confusion - here is our news in brief on Sunday.

 Photo: Oliver Berg/dpa

Photo: Oliver Berg/dpa

Foto: dpa/Oliver Berg

Bonn incidence rate falls significantly

BONN. The city authorities announced on Saturday morning that the seven-day incidence rate in Bonn has dropped to 135.9. On Friday, the figure had been 158.9, and on Thursday 160.5. The city has recorded 448 new infections in the past seven days, and currently 922 people are considered infected in Bonn. 233 people have died in connection with the virus.

As of Saturday morning, 125,716 people in Bonn have received their first vaccine. 32,215 people have already been vaccinated for the second time.

The incidence rate in neighbouring Cologne on Saturday was 169.8, with the reproduction rate at 0.88. The city has now recorded a total of 50,004 confirmed COVID-19 cases (previous day: 49,778).

(Original text: GA/dpa/epd)


Email data breach

BONN. The Beethoven Orchestra committed a data breach on Thursday by sending out an email to an open distribution list. Music lovers were informed about concert events by email. However, the addresses of the around 100 recipients were visible in the address line of the email. The City of Bonn has already reported the data breach to the State Data Protection Commissioner, according to a statement on Friday.

This case is reminiscent of a glitch that occurred in January. When sending out quarantine orders to Bonn citizens in connection with the corona pandemic, the City of Bonn included the notice for another person on the back of the letters. The city only became aware of the error when the health department was informed by some of the recipients. It was not possible to determine exactly how many people had been affected.

(Original text: Güngör Öztürker)


World’s largest computer game show to be held digitally

COLOGNE. Gamescom in Cologne is the world's largest trade show for computer and video games. Contrary to initial reports in March, the show will now take place online. Following “intensive discussions with partners and exhibitors, the decision was made to hold Gamescom 2021 as a purely digital event,” announced Koelnmesse and the organisers ‘game’ on Wednesday. This takes into account “the current situation in which too many companies are unable to participate in physical events this year due to the ongoing difficult developments,” the statement continued. This decision will give companies planning security, they said.

The organisers had announced in March that they were planning this year's event as a hybrid version with an online programme together with on-site offerings in Cologne. The number of visitors was to be greatly reduced compared to pre-Corona times. Now, however, there will be no visitors at all, and the digital show will be free of charge for Gamescom fans.

Last year Gamescom was also held online. In 2019, the show drew large crowds to Cologne, with a total of 370,000 visitors in attendance. This year's Gamescom will take place from 25th to 27th August.

(Original text: dpa)


Sign posting to Beuler Rheinufer causes confusion

BEUEL. Attentive walkers will have noticed that the City of Bonn has changed the route for reaching the Rhine promenade in Beuel. Cyclists and pedestrians who want to access the promenade from Rheinaustraße near the China ship now have to take a different route.

What is behind this? Markus Schmitz from the city’s press office explains: “The routing at this site has been changed. The aim is to reduce conflicting situations between cyclists and pedestrians and thereby improve safety for pedestrians.”

The changes were made by two different work crews for the city, which led to confusion for a few days. Now the signs and the pictograms match. Over the weekend, when many people are expected to visit the Rhine, it will be seen whether the measures have been effective.

(Original text: Holger Willke)

(Translations: Caroline Kusch)

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