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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the Region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the Region

Cologne/Bonn Airport plans to build an "Airport City", changes are occurring in shops in downtown Bonn, including Puppenkönig, Sinn and Rewe, city spokeswoman Monika Hörig is retiring after more than 30 years in Bonn - here is our news in brief on Sunday.

Cologne/Bonn Airport plans to build an "Airport City"

Bonn. In a catastrophic business year, Cologne/Bonn Airport was the only major German airport to achieve a positive operating result in 2020, Chief Financial Officer Torsten Schrank announced on Friday. Although the result after tax was again in the red at 31 million euros, the operating result was in the black at 6.1 million euros. Passenger numbers slumped by 75 per cent to 3.1 million. An improvement to 4.5 million passengers is expected this year, but that would still be 64 per cent less than in the pre-crisis year of 2019. Thanks to short-time work and other cost-cutting measures, the airport was able to partially offset its revenue losses in 2020. No one had to be laid off and there were around 1,900 employees.

In the future, the airport plans to further expand its non-aviation business. "We want to build an Airport City," Schrank explained at a press briefing preceded by a tour of the new 250-bed Moxy hotel, which officially opens July 5 and is part of this new concept. The Hotel, which belongs to the Marriott Group, is considered a budget hotel, with the price of a double room well below 100 euros on weekends. The design appeals to a younger crowd: The walls are raw concrete, and much is prefabricated, such as the bathrooms. The interior design is standardized, but there are allusions to the airport and flying everywhere. The hotel's check-in desk is on the fifth floor and there is also a bar that is open around the clock and, like the restaurant, also serves out-of-town guests. Breakfast is self-service, and not as sumptuous as in higher-priced hotels. There is also no room service.

Retail and food services at the airport have reopened, with opening hours based on passenger flight traffic, which is still restricted. "Not all businesses have survived the lockdown," Schrank said. Kirschner from Troisdorf, for example, had to close two stores, and there is still no new tenant for the press and book shop.

The successor to Heinemann, the duty-free store, is R+F and there is a new concept with regional products. The Lufthansa lounge will be open to all airlines that want to rent it for their passengers from July. As part of the new Airport City, the airport also wants to develop the area behind the Moxy Hotel, which is currently green space.

(Original text: Ulla Thiede)

Changes to shops in downtown Bonn, including Puppenkönig, Sinn and Rewe

Bonn. Customers, are once again flocking to downtown Bonn and the city centre is facing a number of changes. Large posters have been announcing for some time that Sinn (formerly Sinn Leffers) is renovating. The flooring on all floors will be replaced with light-coloured wooden flooring. A facelift will also be given to the furniture throughout the building. Women's fashions will be on three floors, whereas those for men will be on the top two floors. Sinn plans to significantly expand its range of casual clothing for men. The remodelling project should be completed in September.

Construction work is also underway in other stores, such as the former Karstadt building on Poststrasse, and the textile retailer Peek & Cloppenburg plans to open there next year. Karstadt closed last year and has since stood empty except for the basement, where Aldi and dm are housed. Work inside the building has been underway since mid-January and most of the first and second floors have already been gutted. The necessary approval of the building application should be available in the coming weeks and the construction work can begin at the end of the month. A foyer will be created on the first-floor space previously used by the bakery, with separate entrances to the upper floors not leased by Peek & Cloppenburg. The former travel agency will be separated into a separate commercial unit. A cultural use for the vacant space on the upper floors not used by Peek & Cloppenburg, might include the Bonn City Museum.

A little further along on Remigiusplatz is the Appelrath Cüpper clothing store. At the beginning of the year, the store moved there from Poststraße. It is still unknown what will happen to the former Appelrath-Cüpper building on Poststrasse, which is now empty.

Work is in its final stages at the former Puppenkönig on Gangolfstrasse. Owner Alexander Jentsch is creating a Playmobil world of experience in the basement, ground floor and second floor and hopes to open in September. In the coming six months, the Franziskaner Helfen missionary organisation, which was previously based in Bad Godesberg, will move into the upper floors. Rewe in the basement of the new Sparkasse building on Friedensplatz is temporarily closed for renovation.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen)

A woman from Endenich is organising a district flea market on Sunday

Endenich. No fewer than 170 households responded to Daria Bitniok’s call to participate in a private flea market in Endenich and now she's hoping for good weather on Sunday so that her project doesn't fall through. During the Coronavirus period, Bitniok missed the big flea markets, such as those in the Rheinaue. There have been smaller private garden flea markets in other parts of the city, so why not in Endenich? thought Bitniok, where there is a mix of students, young families and older people. Her idea was that Endenicher Stadtpark could be used for a flea market and she asked the Endenich local committee whether it wanted to organise the flea market. The committee declined, because it would have meant too much effort in organising permits and insurance and recruiting volunteers for the event. Bitniok was disappointed, but then approached the city of Bonn, and as long as such events stay on private land and are not on a regular basis, they can go ahead. An important condition is that stalls must not be located on pavements. Those who live in apartment buildings must clarify with the landlord or the real estate company whether it is allowed to set up sale stands on the property. Window sales are also allowed. Bitniok printed flyers, advertised on the internet and got an overwhelming response.

Locations across the district from Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Gymnasium to Meßdorfer Feld will be marked with balloons. There is also an overview map. The Endenicher Flea Market is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 27.

(Original text: Stefan Knopp)

City spokeswoman Monika Hörig is retiring after more than 30 years in Bonn

Bonn. Monika Hörig has worked in the city press office for over 30 years has been the official voice of Bonn for more than 10 years, and is now retiring. Three weeks before the Wall was built in 1961, Hörig fled to the West with her parents and grandparents. She studied in Münster and completed her studies with a doctorate. She almost became a journalist, but instead became deputy city spokeswoman in Münster, until she moved to Bonn in 1988 to hold the same position. In the public relations office, she was confronted with many challenges: With the fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification, Bonn lost its status as the federal capital. The city had to reorient itself, which put a great deal of pressure on the press and public relations office. Hörig closely followed Bonn's development from Germany's capital to an international UN city – a task she says she particularly enjoyed, and she will continue to participate in Bonn’s development in some way in the future. Hörig is the founding president of the International Rotary Club in Bonn, to which many UN staff belong. The club language is, of course, English, which she speaks fluently.

Hörig extended her contract – first at the request of former Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan and then at the request of his successor Katja Dörner. Sridharan was keen to keep the experienced press and public relations officer during the Beethoven anniversary year, but despite the Beethovenfest more or less falling through because of the coronavirus pandemic, Hörig was unable to sit back and relax, because the pandemic presented her with further challenges. She was a member of the city's crisis team and was responsible for communicating internally and externally about the measures the team had to make as a result of the crisis, and Katja Dörner asked Hörig for another extension.

What Monika Hörig will remember most about her job are the major international conferences, and meeting the great leaders of the world. But above all, she will miss the appreciation and affection that she often received. In her retirement, Monika Hörig plans to travel a lot, as soon as the pandemic allows, and to have more time for cooking. She does not want to offer any advice to her successor, Barbara Löcherbach, who will take up her duties in the press office at the beginning of July.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen)

Astronomy on Tap Bonn is holding a YouTube live virtual event on 29 June

Astronomy on Tap Bonn, a monthly event of public astronomy talks at Fiddlers pub in Bonn-Endenich is holding another YouTube live virtual event on Tuesday 29th June at 19:00. This month they have 1) Dr Taissa Danilovich on "What molecules can tell us about dying stars", 2) Science or Fiction?: An interactive truthfinding game. There is also an awesome live quiz and one lucky winner will receive a super astro prize via mail.

For more information, you can follow us on facebook & YouTube (Astronomy on Tap Bonn) and Instagram & Twitter (@aotbonn), or drop us an email at AoTBonn@gmail.com.

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(Translations: John Chandler)