GA English on Sunday News in Brief from Bonn and the region

Bonn · New corona rules apply in Bonn from Monday, city authorities plan to restrict vehicle access around Maximillianstrasse, increased police presence and surveillance in Bad Godesberg and delays to construction works in Bonn city centre - here is our news in brief on Sunday.

GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region
Foto: Meike Böschemeyer

New corona rules in Bonn from Monday

BONN. Following a resolution by the city’s crisis management team, the 2G rule will apply from Monday, 22 November in all municipal cultural and extracurricular educational institutions as well as in sports halls and at swimming pools. This means that access is restricted to those who have been vaccinated or are recovered. Children under the age of twelve are exempt. Adolescents from twelve to 18 years of age who have neither recovered nor been vaccinated require a negative test which is no more than 24 hours old. Individuals who are unable to be vaccinated also require appropriate proof and a negative test result.

In addition to the introduction of the 2G rule, it will be mandatory to wear a medical mask when seated in theatres and at the opera from Monday. The 3G rule (access restricted to those who have been vaccinated, are recovered, or have a negative test) will apply from Monday in municipal service buildings, such as the city hall (Stadthaus) and the service centre.

(Original text: GA)

Bollards to restrict vehicle access around Maximillianstrasse

BONN. The city authorities are making a proposal for bollards to be erected at the junction between Maximillianstrasse and the central railway station to block the traffic. Access will be permitted for deliveries to the section of Maximilianstrasse that stretches from Wesselstrasse to the Maximilian Centre. The fashion store Primark, an anchor tenant in the Maximiliancenter, is likely to be the main party affected. “Delivery traffic to the western area of Maximilianstrasse will have to turn around and then leave via Maximilianstrasse in the direction of Kaiserstrasse," explained Andrea Schulte from the press office. In contrast to deliveries, ambulances and rescue vehicles are to be authorised to remove the bollards in an emergency using special keys.

The proposal is likely to be approved in December by the majority coalition of Greens, SPD, Left and Volt, as they had commissioned the city’s administration department to propose a solution. Regional business associations strongly oppose the city's plans. Implementation is planned for January or February 2022.

(Original text: Philipp Königs)

Increased police presence in Bad Godesberg

BAD GODESBERG. Bonn police will be ensuring the greatest possible security at this year's Christmas market in Bad Godesberg. Uniformed foot patrols will be at the market every day and a mobile video surveillance system will also be in use for the first time.

“Ensuring public safety and order in Bad Godesberg is one of the focal points of our work. As we have registered an increase in crime in the town centre, particularly pickpocketing, we are also using police video surveillance for the first time. The aim is to detect imminent crimes in advance and prevent them by quickly dispatching emergency forces,” explains police chief Frank Hoever.

For better protection against pickpockets, con artists and other criminals, a camera tower will be positioned at heavily frequented entrances to the St. Nicholas Market.

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Delays to construction works in the city centre

BONN. Visitors to the city centre have had to squeeze past the Stadtwerke Bonn (SWB) construction site in the Poststrasse for several years. Suddenly it was gone, to make way for this year’s Christmas market. But the construction site is only taking a break and will be back in the spring. The public utility company had planned to finish the work in Poststrasse this autumn. New district heating lines were initially laid there, and since the spring, work has been underway to replace the gas, water and electricity lines in a second construction phase between Münsterplatz and the street In der Sürst opposite the former Karstadt building.

SWB press officer Stefanie Zießnitz explained that delays to the construction work in front of Karstadt were due to unexpected subsidence. “A company involved in the construction was also affected by the flood disaster on the Ahr River, which also caused delays,” she added.

In the Brüdergasse, construction works were scheduled to start on 15 November, where the SWB subsidiary Bonn-Netz plans to renew the gas, water and electricity lines along a 180-metre section between Belderberg and Wenzelgasse. In addition, the district heating lines are to be replaced and lines for telecommunications and street lighting will be laid. The works had to be postponed due to additional discussions to coordinate with the various parties involved, explained Zießnitz. Construction will now begin next Tuesday. The SWB expects the project to be completed in the summer of 2022, at a cost of around 600,000 euros.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen)

(Translations: Caroline Kusch)

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