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Bonn/Region · Vaccination centres offer limited opening hours over Christmas, UN and NRW government are to set up new centre for climate education in Bonn, increases to waste disposal and cleaning fees in Bonn for 2022, and timetable changes on public transport from 12 December - here is our news in brief on Sunday.

 Stadtwerke Bonn is introducing a timetable change on 12 December which means that buses and trams will be running more frequently.

Stadtwerke Bonn is introducing a timetable change on 12 December which means that buses and trams will be running more frequently.

Foto: GA/Benjamin Westhoff

Limited opening hours for vaccination centres over Christmas

Bonn city authorities are restricting their services at municipal vaccination centres during the Christmas holidays. This also affects immunisation of children between five and eleven years of age, which will be on offer from next week.

According to city spokesperson Barbara Löcherbach, Godesberg Stadthalle (city hall) will only be open for one day to vaccinate children during the municipal Christmas closures from 24 December to 2 January – this will be 28 December, from 12 noon to 6 pm. Immunisation of children under twelve years of age will start at the Stadthalle under the guidance of paediatricians from Friday, 17 December. From Monday, 20 December, one of four vaccination stations will be reserved for this age group from 12 noon to 6 pm each day. Appointments can be booked online, and vaccinations are also available without prior registration from 4 to 6 pm.

The health department has reserved the city hall exclusively for children on five days: In addition to 17 December, 22 December, 4 January, 5 January and 7 January. The vaccination centre is complementing the services offered by paediatricians' surgeries.

According to spokesperson Löcherbach, the vaccination centre in the city hall, which is open every weekday until Christmas for everyone aged 12 and above, is only scheduled to open on 27 and 29 December (10am to 4pm) and 30 December during the holidays. The press office could not specify the opening hours on 30 December when asked on Friday. At the same time, the city's website also listed “other dates” for the city hall: “last 29.12.2021 10.00 a.m.”. The city is not offering any services at Hardtberg City Hall and Bonn-Info during their Christmas closures. (Original text: Andreas Baumann)

Centre for climate education in Bonn

The North Rhine-Westphalia state government and the UN Climate Change Secretariat in Bonn have announced the establishment of a new centre for climate education, starting next year. Entitled ‘ACE-Hub - Action for Climate Empowerment’, the centre will offer seminars with international experts, amongst other things. The ACE Hub will be supported by the state with a good one million euros until 2024.

Bonn city has also announced that it will join the global initiative for a Fossil Energy Non-Proliferation Treaty. The international initiative advocates an organised phase-out of fossil fuels. According to a press release, the environmental committee made the decision for the city to join the initiative at its latest meeting. This decision is based on a citizens' motion supported by local groups. (Original text: buj)

Bonn residents to pay more for street cleaning and waste disposal

At its meeting on Thursday, the city council decided on the fee rates for waste, sewage and street cleaning for the coming year.

Waste water: According to the city, the fee rates for 2022 will remain unchanged. The waste water fee is 2.83 euros per cubic metre. The precipitation water charge is 1.47 euros per square metre of the built-up and paved area connected to the sewage system. For a family of four with a freshwater consumption of 150 cubic metres and a housing plot with a built-up and paved area of 120 square metres, the sewage fees continue to amount to 600.90 euros, according to the city.

 Street cleaning: The fee requirement for street cleaning - minus the city's share - is increasing by around 208,000 euros compared to 2021. To cover this, from 1 January 2022 the fees are to be increased by 12 to 17 cents per front metre for regular roads and between 17 and 24 cents per front metre for roads where more intensive cleaning is required, depending on the type of road. For example, for owners of a single-family houses with a frontage of 15 metres in a residential street and cleaning on a weekly basis, this amounts to an increase in the annual fee of 2.55 euros from 85.95 euros to 88.50 euros (plus 2.97 percent). For a comparable property in an inner-city street with cleaning also once a week, the fee will increase from 77.40 euros to 79.65 euros (plus 2.91 percent) and in an inter-city street the fee for a corresponding property will increase from 60.15 euros to 61.95 euros (plus 2.99 percent).

Waste disposal: The fee rates for residual waste disposal (Restmüll) are to be raised by 9.49 per cent on 1 January. A family of four with a 120-litre residual waste bin (Restmüll-Tonne) emptied on a fortnightly basis will pay 214.66 euros next year, compared to 196.06 euros this year.

In addition, according to the city authorities, Bonnorange will be taking over bus stop cleaning, which was previously the responsibility of the adjacent property owners. Bonnorange will also clean up the 36 new mobile stations throughout the city. (Original text: buj)

Timetable changes on public transport from today

Stadtwerke Bonn is introducing a timetable change on 12 December which means that buses and trams will be running more frequently. There are also some changes to the timetables across the region.

Trams: Tram line 16 will be changed to run every 20 minutes between Bonn and Cologne from 9.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. on Saturdays. Line 63 will be extended to run every ten minutes in the city area. In future, the first tram in the morning on tram line 66 will run at 3.57 am (previously 4.03 am) from Monday to Friday from Bonn central station (Hauptbahnhof) to Siegburg. In addition, the tram will run from Brühler Straße at 5.05 am to Siegburg and at 5.48 am from Siegburg.

Buses: Night bus line 9 will be running on a new route towards the central station. The bus will run from the stop "Václav-Havel-Platz" to the stops "Am Dickobskreuz" and "Gerhard-Domagk-Straße", to the new stop "Chemische Institute", to the stop "MVA Bonn" and then continue along the usual route. The opposite direction is not affected by the change. The stop "Am Dickobskreuz" in the street Am Dickobskreuz will be removed. The 601/602 line will run more frequently on Mondays to Fridays. Line 601 already runs every ten minutes from 5.30 a.m. on the section between the central station (Hauptbahnhof) and Uniklinikum Süd. The return journeys continue along the route of line 602. The original route of line 630 will be split into two partial lines. Line 630 coming from Tannenbusch will end as the first partial line at the Uniklinikum Süd stop. The new line 634 will be established as the second partial line. For the second line section of the original line 630, line 634 will run from the stop "Uniklinikum Süd" to "Fritz-Erler-Straße" with unchanged routing and frequency. Line 604 runs to the stop "Lengsdorf Kirche" on the Lingsgasse in both directions. This stop now has step-free access.

Stops: The stops "Alfred-Bucherer-Straße" and "Wiesenweg" are to be removed and replaced by the new stop "Max-Bruch-Straße" on Endenicher Allee. The stop "Malteser Krankenhaus" has been renamed "Hardtberg Klinikum". The stop "Oedekoven Kapelle" has been renamed "Oedekoven Kirche". (Original text: Joshua Bung) (Translations: Caroline Kusch)

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