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47 Michelin stars in NRW: Niederkassel has an award-winning restaurant

47 Michelin stars in NRW : Niederkassel has an award-winning restaurant

There's a lot going on in the gourmet kitchens. NRW now has 47 starred fine restaurants awarded by the restaurant guide "Guide Michelin". In addition to three Bonn restaurants, there is also one in Niederkassel now.

Bonn also has three restaurants that have been awarded a Michelin star. The current list was published on Tuesday. Beside the "Yunico" in the Kameha Grand Hotel also the "Kaspars" and the "Halbedel's Gasthaus" keep their star. Several restaurants in North Rhine-Westphalia have lost their star in the Michelin Guide.

In the edition of the hotel and restaurant guide presented on Tuesday, eight restaurants lost one star. The loss is mainly due to the fact that previously excellent restaurants have closed. The "Ox&Klee" in Cologne, which can now boast two stars, has cooked its way up. Four new houses have been added to the guild of restaurants with one star. These are in Niederkassel "Clostermanns Le Gourmet". In the Eifel region "Burg Nideggen - Brockel Schlimbach" was added as well as the "maximilian lorenz" and the „NeoBiota" in Cologne.

Joachim Wissler from "Vendôme" in Bergisch Gladbach remains the undisputed top chef in NRW: the restaurant is one of ten three-star restaurants in Germany. The "Rosin" in Dorsten by TV chef Frank Rosin and "Le Moissonnier" in Cologne continue to play in the league of two-star restaurants.

The most populous federal state has a total of 47 Michelin-starred restaurants. This is four fewer than at the last rating in 2018. 309 restaurants nationwide received awards.

In Düsseldorf, "Im Schiffchen", which has been playing at the top places for decades, now has one star instead of two. Patron Jean-Claude Bourgeuil announced last year that he wanted to cut back. The award was cancelled for seven houses. These are "EQUU in der Remise" (Bonn), which closed, "Westfälische Stube" (Hörstel), "Schloss Loersfeld" (Kerpen), "Gourmet 1895" (Münster) as well as "Himmel un Äd", "L'escalier" and "WeinAmRhein" in Cologne.

In the competition between Düsseldorf and Cologne the game is balanced: Both cities have ten star restaurants each, but Cologne has two restaurants with two stars. Bonn has three excellent restaurants, Aachen and Essen each have two. (dpa)

(Original text: dpa / Translation: Mareike Graepel)