Increasing coronavirus infections No Christmas market this year in Bonn city center

Bonn · There will be no Christmas market in the city center of Bonn this season. This was announced by the city of Bonn on Friday. The reason is the rising number of coronavirus cases.

 There will be no Christmas market this year in Bonn city center.

There will be no Christmas market this year in Bonn city center.

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The Christmas market in Bonn city center has been cancelled for this year. And there will be no scaled-down version of it either. This was announced by the city of Bonn on Friday at noon. The reason for the cancellation is the increasing number of coronavirus infections.

The administration had examined various options for a Christmas market in the city center, taking into account a feasibility study commissioned by the Deutschen Schaustellerbund (the association of those who operate the Christmas stalls). "Based on the experience of the past few weeks and the current steady rise in infection rates, the solutions presented here are not feasible or only feasible to a very limited extent," the city said in its statement. After weighing all the different aspects, the city administration came to the decision to cancel this year's Christmas market.

A scaled-down version is also not a solution from the city administration's point of view - especially for legal reasons. For example, a newly designed plan by the Bonn district council would first have to be approved again. "Even the decision not to consider already selected applicants for a smaller version would not be legally viable without a new permit procedure," the city continued.

In addition, the city wants to avoid having to set up the market in a modified form "with a lot of commitment and work" together with the stall operators and then having to close it again after a few days due to increased infection rates. It is not yet certain if other Christmas markets will be allowed, in the case where the city is not the organizer. If hygiene concepts are submitted for other Christmas markets, the city, as the regulatory authority, would examine them and decide on whether to issue a permit.

"It is a hard decision for all involved, to which at the same time there is no realistic alternative that meets the requirements of infection prevention. For this reason, the city administration hopes for the understanding of those affected and that the situation will ease considerably in the coming year and Christmas markets will then be possible again.”

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