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Congestion warning: No holidays at the roadwork sites

Congestion warning : No holidays at the roadwork sites

During the summer holidays when the city empties out and there are significantly fewer cars on the road, the time comes for roadworks and maintenance on the streets. Sewers, gullies, asphalt surfaces - many places in the city need to be repaired. And even the small construction sites can cause major disruption to the traffic.

The civil engineering office and the Stadtwerke plan to use the summer holidays to work through some of the items on their renovation list. There is less traffic during the holidays, but Civil Engineering Office head Peter Esch already knows that there will be “a real pinch” at some of the roadwork sites. But the good news first: For once, there will be no work on the B9 this summer. In addition, the lockdown has reduced the volume of traffic, which means that the measures could be brought forward. But there is the usual congestion around the Viktoriabrücke.

City centre

  • Thomastraße: Works will be carried out on the sewer in Thomastraße from Monday, 5 July. The civil engineering office informs that the connecting pipes and the main sewer will be renewed. During the work, Thomastraße is only accessible on alternating sides in the area of the works. In addition, the access road to Ellerstraße from Thomastraße will be closed. However, the civil engineering office ensures that access is possible for the fire brigade, emergency services and refuse collection. The construction site can be passed at any time on foot or by bicycle. The work is expected to be completed by the beginning of August. The city authorities estimate the costs of the works to be around 38,000 Euro.
  • Bonn West tram stop Until Saturday, 14 August, surface rehabilitation work will be carried out at the Bonn West tram stop. The subway and the platform in the direction of Bonn will be closed until Monday morning, 26 July, followed by the platform and access in the direction of Cologne until Friday, 14 August. During the works, passengers can also use the stops Probsthof Nord, Brühler Straße or Bonn Hauptbahnhof as well as the regular buses with their stops on Bornheimer Straße.
  • Kaiserstrasse: Between Nassestraße and Weberstraße, Kaiserstraße will be closed to through traffic from Monday, 5 July to Saturday, 17 August due to sewer construction work. Bus routes N10, 610 and 611 will be diverted during this period. Various stops in the area of the construction site have been removed and replacement stops have been set up. The city authorities estimate the costs of the construction measures to be around 65,000 euros.
  • Poppelsdorfer Allee: The Civil Engineering Office is having a broken sewer repaired in Poppelsdorfer Allee between Baumschulallee and Meckenheimer Allee from Tuesday, 6 July to Thursday, 15 July. The road will be temporarily closed in both directions. Diversions are signposted.


  • Hausdorff Street: Passengers on tram lines 61 and 62 must expect restrictions for one week from Monday night, 5 July. SWB Bus and Bahn are repairing the asphalt on Hausdorffstraße. During this time, it will become a one-way street between Eduard-Otto-Straße and Reuterstraße in the direction of the city centre. SWB Bus und Bahn will operate a rail replacement service with buses between the stops Haus der Jugend, Rittershausstraße and the final stop Quirinusplatz. The buses are marked as ‘Linie 61’. The Haus der Jugend stop can only be served by the shuttle buses in the direction of Bonn. In the direction of Quirinusplatz, passengers are requested to use the stop Rittershausstraße. For more information, visit www.swb-busundbahn.de/en/english.


  • An der Esche: The Civil Engineering Office is having the sewer in the street An der Esche in Bonn-Castell renovated from Monday, 12 July. The section closed-off for the works comprises around 100 metres. Traffic will be routed past the construction site. According to the civil engineering office, the costs of the works amount to around 34,000 euros.

Bad Godesberg

  • Löbestraße/Moltkestraße: The repairs of parts of Löbestraße and Moltkestraße in the section between Alte Bahnhofstraße and Koblenzer Straße are limited to one day, Saturday, 10 July. A new asphalt surface is being applied. A one-way system will be set up on Moltkestraße and Löbestraße. The southbound lane remains passable between Alte Bahnhofstraße and Koblenzer Straße. In the direction of the north, a diversion will be signposted via the streets Am Kurpark, Brunnenallee, Schwertberger Straße and Burgstraße. The cost of the works, which are to be completed the same evening, is around 25,000 euros.
  • Ubierstraße: Parts of the road surface will be renewed on Ubierstraße between Fontanestraße and Sedanstraße from Monday, 5 July. During the construction work until Saturday, 10 July, a one-way system will be in place in the southbound direction. A northbound diversion route will be signposted. The costs of these works amount to around 30,000 euros.


  • Lingsgasse: From Monday, 5 July, Lingsgasse street in Lengsdorf will be redesigned. The street will be closed during the summer holidays. After the summer holidays, the civil engineering work will be carried out with a half-lane closure; traffic will then be regulated with traffic lights. The work is expected to be completed by the end of August. The construction costs amount to around 230,000 euros.
  • Villemombler Straße: Two holiday periods have already been used for the sewer rehabilitation in Villemombler Straße in Duisdorf, in order to prevent excessive traffic congestion at this critical point. Now the last part will follow from Monday, 5 July. This is the intersection of Villemombler Straße/Fontainengraben/Schieffelingsweg. Traffic in the direction of Lengsdorf is to be routed as a one-way street. A diversion is indicated in the opposite direction. The work should be completed by the end of the holidays, weather permitting. The construction costs amount to around 442,000 euros.

An up-to-date overview of the construction sites is available on the City of Bonn's website.

(Original text: Jutta Specht, Translation: Caroline Kusch)