Train travel No ICE to London for the time being

Cologne · A fast train from Cologne to London would be welcome by many, but plans are on hold for the time being. Authorization of ICE trains and security measures are standing in the way.

For those looking for a fast train connection from Cologne to London, a wait is still in store. Reports by regional German television station WDR say Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) has put plans on hold. Answering an inquiry from WDR, a German Rail spokesperson said that a reliable statement on the start-up of a service from Cologne to London could not be provided. The spokesperson said the new ICE trains had not yet been authorized by authorities in France and Belgium, and that was the reason why nothing could be said yet with certainty.

Already last year, it was expected that the fast trains would start rolling into the British capital. Platform 1 in Cologne should have been retrofitted for the new operation some time ago. Because the fast train would go through the English Channel tunnel, stringent security measures would need to be put into place in Cologne. It would require some modification at the platform area. (Orig. text: ga)

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