"Eckladen 1910" in Mehlem Nostalgia shop in Bonn: A journey through time

Mehlem · Take a trip down history lane well into the past century in the Mehlemer "Eckladen 1910". The name says it all: There are all kinds of beautiful, useful and playful things from the good old days.

Although it is not located on a corner, it is still called "Eckladen 1910" in the heart of Mehlem. When Kerstin Sievert hoists the white "open" flag outside four days a week, the door sign "Stöbern erwünscht" invites every passer-by who stops at the colourful shop window display to come in. If you open the door and announce yourself with a tinkling bell, you will inevitably be immersed in times long gone - with Christmas articles from the Erzgebirge, enamel crockery and Steiff teddy bears. The "good old coffee grinder" is, of course, new and fully functional, and the porcelain filter is already celebrating its renaissance in the barista scene.

"Oh, glossy poetry pictures," it often sounds rapturous when older customers enter the shop. Newly published book classics, nostalgic tree decorations or tin toys are just as reminiscent of older generations as the soaps of a Heidelberg manufactory. "They've been around since 1840," notes Kerstin Sievert, who often welcomes grandparents who want to show their grandchildren what they had in their day. But anyone who believes that today's children no longer know a steam engine is mistaken. "At our market stall, a ‚squirt’ once explained the exact function to an even younger smallie," the owner remembers, "and correctly, too.“ When the "Eckladen 1910" is on the road at markets, the public's interest in the products of the past is always great. "I know that thing, too! Where does that come from?“ she is often asked. "In the beginning, we explained 75 percent and sold 25 percent," says husband Peter Sievert. "Now it's 50/50."

Pictures from the Bonn nostalgia shop in Mehlem

The "Eckladen 1910" was born out of the couple's common hobby. In order to pass on their extensive historical knowledge to others, Kerstin and Peter Sievert decided seven years ago to participate in the Bad Honnef Martinimarkt and the Christmas Market at Schloss Drachenburg. In addition, there was the "Jahrmarkt Anno Dazumal" in the open-air museum Kommern and with time other markets. When the opportunity arose to rent the empty shop on Mainzer Straße 184 in 2015, Kerstin Sievert decided to settle down here, although she continues to participate in many markets such as the "Unique Christmas Time" at Schloss Drachenburg. The patterns on offer are particularly in demand there. "People who represent historical times usually tailor their own clothes", says Sievert, who runs her "Eckladen 1910" as a sideline. "Hence the limited opening hours," she explains.
In the Mehlemer Nostalgia shop, the trained commercial assistant lives her passion for history with the support of her husband Peter, who is also an enthusiastic hobby historian and knows his way around Prussia well. "The focus of our goods dates back to the time around 1910", Kerstin Sievertexplains choice of name for her business. How does she know what was there then? "Mail-order catalogues already existed," she says. And in the "shop on the corner" there used to be colonial goods such as chocolate, coffee, tea and spices. Just like at Kerstin Sievert’s. "But only fair trade", the owner emphasizes with reference to the exploitation of the colonies at that time. "That still affects the people there today."

Sievert's shelf with the tin toys looks like a picture from days gone by, as many of the replica packages have remained true to the original in their illustrations and lettering. Peter Sievert fetches a 100-year-old stone construction kit from the shelf, which can also be purchased as a replica in the shop at Mainzer Straße 184. "These are the same colours as the stones at Schloss Drachenburg," explains the expert with a smile. And the amateur is amazed.

(Original text: Martina Sondermann, Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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