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City penalises contact ban violations: Number of Corona cases in Bonn increases to 412

City penalises contact ban violations : Number of Corona cases in Bonn increases to 412

The city takes action with controls against violations of the contact ban order. In one case several people refused to break up a group gathering. The number of confirmed Corona cases rises to 412.

On Monday afternoon, the city of Bonn announced the number of currently confirmed Corona cases. According to this, the number of confirmed cases rises to 412, 103 of which have since recovered. The city lists two deaths in connection with the virus. 806 people are currently in quarantine.

At present, 49 patients suffering from Covid-19 are being treated in Bonn hospitals. They come from Bonn, the surrounding area and from abroad. 18 people are being treated in intensive care with respiration.

The city continues to carry out controls to enforce the current contact ban. Between Sunday noon and Monday noon, 26 new complaints were filed against people who had violated the ban. On the banks of the Rhine in Beuel, Bonn police came to the rescue and supported the city's public order service because people there had refused to break up a group gathering. In addition to several charges, three expulsions were issued.

During the weekend, the city also had to deal with a larger crowd of visitors in Bonn's old town. According to the city, many people did not keep the prescribed distances, which the current contact ban stipulates. On Monday, however, there were no problems there.

The city further announced that since 23 March, 313 complaints against the Corona Protection Ordinance have been noted and 110 fine notices issued.

(Original text: Andreas Dyck / Translation: Mareike Graepel)