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Coronavirus in Bonn: Number of intensive care beds to be increased

Coronavirus in Bonn : Number of intensive care beds to be increased

Hospitals in Bonn are preparing for an emergency situation. A Germany nationwide register will list the number of available intensive care beds on a daily basis.

Bonn hospitals are working feverishly, preparing to accommodate patients who become seriously ill with the coronavirus. In a round of questioning, the GA learned that all hospitals are able to increase the number of intensive care beds available. Daniela Kreuzberg, administrative director of the GFO clinics, said that the intensive medical care of coronavirus patients should no longer be considered only in terms of location.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI) and the German Hospital Federation (DKG) will open an online portal in the next few days that will provide up-to-date information on bed capacities. All intensive care units will be able to enter their available number of beds in an online register. "This portal is a further building block in preparing hospitals for emergencies," explained Kreuzberg.

At the GFO clinics themselves, with their branches Sankt Marien Hospital in Poppelsdorf, Sankt Josef in Beuel and the Cura-Klinik in Bad Honnef, there are 33 intensive care beds, 22 of which are currently equipped with ventilators. "We can expand to 18 beds at short notice, six of them with ventilators.” The University Hospital (UKB) has more than 120 intensive care beds, according to its Chairman Wolfgang Holzgreve. "This is a high number compared to the average of university hospitals, which we need as we have the second highest case severity level in Germany," said Holzgreve.

At present, the hospital is intensively preparing and implementing the increase of another 48 intensive care places and, in the intermediate period, will add up to another 30 intensive care places in order to be prepared for various eventualities of the Covid 19 Corona pandemic. The UKB also has a very large number of beds with ventilators.

According to hospital spokeswoman Katharina Müller-Stromberg, the Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus (Community Hospital), which includes the Petrus Hospital and Elisabeth Hospital, currently has 18 intensive care beds: this can be increased to 30. "The Community Hospital also has sufficient personnel available. Numerous employees from other areas are being trained in intensive care medicine and are very motivated to support us in this area of work as well," said Müller-Stromberg.

The Johanniter Hospital, which also includes the Waldkrankenhaus in Bad Godesberg, has a total of 28 intensive care beds. But it was said that they were planning to increase this number. Eva Lippert from the Malteser Hospital said that the Malteser Hospital on the Hardtberg currently has 13 intensive care beds, including respirators. The number of beds could be doubled if necessary. In terms of staff, personnel resources could be shifted due to postponing of scheduled surgeries, so the number was considered “sufficient” at the moment.

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