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Coronavirus in Bonn: Numerous residents and staff in nursing home infected

Coronavirus in Bonn : Numerous residents and staff in nursing home infected

More residents and personnel at the Josefshöhe senior citizens' home in Bonn have tested positive for the novel corona virus. It is still unclear whether there was another case in a different nursing home.

At the Josefshöhe nursing home in Bonn, more residents and employees have tested positive for the corona virus Sars-CoV-2. The city announced on Friday afternoon that 20 residents and 13 staff were infected with the virus. The elderly who live there are doing well so far. Further measures are being taken to contain the virus. With those workers who tested positive not being able to work, the remaining team of employees has been reinforced. The residents who tested positive are being placed together in the home and isolated from the other seniors. Meanwhile, there are no further positive findings in the Steinbach nursing home.

The number of Corona cases in Bonn rose to 353 by Friday, 1 p.m.. Of those cases, 85 people have recovered. Two Bonn residents who had contracted the virus have died so far. 734 people are in quarantine.

A resident of the Rosental senior citizens' home also died after she was taken to hospital on Thursday. It is unclear whether the woman was infected with the coronavirus. The test results are still pending. The woman had severe pre-existing conditions and had refused intensive medical treatment. According to the city, the health department will now take precautionary measures by swabbing all residents.

(Orig. text: Andreas Dyck / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)