Construction work between Cologne and Brühl Numerous trains will not stop in Bonn during March

Bonn/Region · Rail commuters and other passengers will once again have to be patient in March. There will once again be restrictions between Cologne and Bonn due to construction work. Both local and long-distance services are affected.

 Bonn Central Station will again only be served irregularly in March.

Bonn Central Station will again only be served irregularly in March.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Shortly before Easter, Deutsche Bahn says it wants to complete a large part of the construction work for the "Linker Rhein" electronic interlocking system. However, travellers will have to be prepared for restrictions again from the beginning of March.

From 1 to 22 March, employees will be installing further signals and laying around 60 kilometres of cable. Measurement work will also be carried out on the affected sections. The first test runs on the new electronic signal box are planned for September.

ICE Sprinter between Bonn and Berlin: stops cancelled

During this period, trains on the Sprinter line (Bonn-Cologne-Berlin) and the ICE line Koblenz-Bonn-Cologne-Wuppertal-Dortmund-Hannover-Berlin will not be stopping at Bonn Central Station. Trains scheduled to start or end in Koblenz will be diverted via the right bank of the Rhine, with the stops in Andernach, Remagen, Bonn Central Station and Cologne Central Station being cancelled.

Long-distance trains travelling between Cologne and Koblenz will also be diverted via the right bank of the Rhine, with the stops at Cologne Central Station, Bonn Central Station, Remagen and Andernach being cancelled. Some trains will stop at Cologne Messe/Deutz instead. The journey time will be extended by around ten minutes.

Regional services between Cologne and Bonn: RE5, RB48 and RB26 affected

There will also be restrictions for regional services during this time. The RE5 railway line will be particularly affected. The stops Köln Süd, Brühl, Bonn Hauptbahnhof, UN Campus, Bad Godesberg and Oberwinter will be cancelled.

On the RB48 line between Köln Messe/Deutz and Bonn Mehlem, the stops Köln West, Köln Süd, Hürth-Kalscheuren, Brühl, Sechtem, Roisdorf, Bonn Hbf, UN Campus, Bad Godesberg and Bonn-Mehlem will be cancelled. All stops on the RB26 line between Köln Messe/Deutz and Brühl will be cancelled.

Route between Brühl and Cologne: replacement bus services

Commuters travelling between Bonn and Cologne can take the RB26 or RB30 to Brühl. Express buses will then run between Brühl and Cologne as a rail replacement service - but without intermediate stops.

Other affected railway lines are the RE12, RE22 and RB24. The timetable changes are included in Deutsche Bahn's online information systems and will also be announced via notices on the platforms.

(Original text: Constantin Graf; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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