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Police action: Numerous violations during checks in the city center of Bonn

Police action : Numerous violations during checks in the city center of Bonn

On Monday evening the police checked cyclists and motorists in downtown Bonn. The officers noted dozens of offences, and some motorists were also given a penalty point in Flensburg.

During road safety check on Monday evening in downtown Bonn, the police noted dozens of violations. The officers were on duty at the main train station, at the market as well as at Friedensplatz and discovered 30 administrative offences, according to the police.

Five motorists drove in the pedestrian zone and each had to pay a warning fee. One motorist disregarded a red light and, in addition to a fine, received a penalty point and an administrative offence report from the emergency services. Another motorist also had to pay a fine because he parked in the second row and thus blocked a cycle path.

Eleven cyclists had to pay a fine because they drove into a traffic area that was blocked to them. One cyclist was asked to pay because he had used his smartphone while cycling. Another cyclist ran a red light, which according to the police also earned him a penalty point, an administrative offence report and a fine.

These controls are intended to improve the traffic situation for cyclists. The Bonn police regularly carry out such actions. At the beginning of July, the officers were increasingly on duty in Beuel, Dransdorf and in the center.

(Original text: Christine Bähr; Translation: Mareike Graepel)