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City of Bonn informs about RKI requirements: One corona case means a whole class or Kita group must be quarantined

City of Bonn informs about RKI requirements : One corona case means a whole class or Kita group must be quarantined

A pupil at the Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium in Bonn-Beuel is infected with the corona virus. Now the entire grade Q2 must be quarantined for a fortnight. This new regulation applies with immediate effect to all schools and day care centres in Bonn, among others.

If a corona case occurs in a school class or kindergarten group, the whole class or group must be quarantined for a fortnight with immediate effect. This also applies to the teachers and educators, as the city of Bonn announced on Monday. It is thus in line with a modified guideline of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the press office explained.

The following now applies: In the event of a corona case, the school or day care centre will inform the first-degree contact persons from their institution about the quarantine by means of a letter from the health office. A few days later, the persons affected receive a written quarantine order. "In order to determine whether the first-degree contact persons have also been infected with Covid-19, the public health department will arrange a test. For this purpose, the city's diagnostics centre will make an appointment by telephone," says Marc Hoffmann, the city's deputy spokesman.

In an RKI guideline dated 10 September, it says: "First-degree contact persons who need to be placed in home segregation are persons in a relatively confined space or in a contact situation with the confirmed Covid-19 case that is difficult to monitor (e.g. daycare group/school class, office), regardless of the individual risk assessment".

Corona case in school in Oberkassel

A pupil at the Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium in Oberkassel also tested positive. "The public health department was informed immediately, the pupil was no longer at school last Thursday and all contact persons were identified and informed," said headmaster Ulrich Drescher. Nevertheless, the entire grade Q2 including its teachers must be quarantined. "This is necessary because all pupils were together in a plenary meeting last Monday." There are no other contact persons among the pupils.

All of the approximately 100 affected pupils and the teachers have to take a coronavirus test. For the young people this means distance learning. This procedure with learning groups was already in place at the beginning of the school year and is also relevant for determining grades. According to Drescher, alternatives will be sought for upcoming exams.

According to the city administration, the Telekom Baskets are also affected by quarantine measures. The NBBL team (junior and youth basketball Bundesliga) Team Bonn/Rhöndorf had contact with a positively tested player of the opposing team from Hamburg. All players involved are in quarantine as first-order contact persons, the swabs are negative. A coach of the youth section also tested positive for Covid 19 on Saturday, the press office announced. Two youth teams of the Baskets, 27 persons in total, are in quarantine.

Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach and Richard Bongartz

Translation: Mareike Graepel