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Over 80-year-olds almost completely vaccinated: One thousand vaccination appointments in Bonn waiting to be booked

Over 80-year-olds almost completely vaccinated : One thousand vaccination appointments in Bonn waiting to be booked

A thousand vaccination appointments have yet to be booked at the Bonn Vaccination Center for next week. But the city is waiting anxiously for a decision from the state to speed up vaccinations.

Since the group of over-80-year-olds in Bonn is almost completely vaccinated, the city is anxiously awaiting a decision by the state to allow 70- to 80-year-olds to get a vaccination. “We see this as urgent," says Bonn's fire chief Jochen Stein. In the next week, there are still around 1,000 vaccination appointments which have yet to be booked, the utilization rate is just 50 percent, he said. Stein is therefore appealing to the estimated 3,500 seniors over the age of 80 who have still not been vaccinated to get one. This represents about 20 percent of that entire group.

While everyone over the age of 80 has to make an appointment through the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians via the Internet portal www.116117.de or call 0800/11611701, the city of Bonn has set up its own online vaccination portal for the 30 or so different first and second priority groups of people eligible for vaccination. About 5,000 first doses of Biontech or Moderna have already been given to doctors, educators, midwives and police officers in the vaccination center in one week. "Another 6,400 appointments have been booked through March 28, and this number of vaccine doses has already been allocated by the state," Stein said.

Daily remaining doses of Biontech and Moderna are spontaneously administered on the same day. First it was emergency service workers, and now it is police officers, two-thirds of whom have already been immunized. According to Stein, vaccination center staff at the WCCB, who belong to the third priority group, will follow.

There had been problems recently with the different groups. While the residence requirement applies to people over 80 - they have to be registered in Bonn to be vaccinated here - the workplace requirement applies to different groups of people such as teachers. They only receive an appointment at the Bonn vaccination center if they work in Bonn, although they may live in another city.

(Orig. text: Nicolas Ottersbach / Translation: ck)