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Seven people injured in accident: Onlookers attack emergency services after accident in Cologne

Seven people injured in accident : Onlookers attack emergency services after accident in Cologne

Seven people were injured in a head-on collision between a BMW and a KVB bus in Cologne on Friday evening. During the rescue operation, ten patrol car crews had to secure the scene, as around 70 onlookers, some of them very aggressive, obstructed and attacked the emergency services.

A rescue operation after a traffic accident escalated completely late on Friday evening and could only be secured by a massive police operation. According to police reports on Sunday, a 47-year-old BMW driver who was heavily intoxicated - a blood test later revealed a blood alcohol level of 2.4 per thousand - and his five passengers drove into oncoming traffic on Waldecker Straße in Cologne-Buchforst at a clearly excessive speed. He then collided head-on with a KVB bus travelling in the direction of Kalk, driven by a 50-year-old bus driver.

The bus then collided with a parked Golf. Seven people were injured in the head-on collision. Police officers seized the BMW. The KVB had the bus towed away. The traffic accident investigation team assisted the emergency services in the investigation of the accident.

Massive police contingent secures operation

During the rescue operation, about 70 onlookers disturbed and obstructed the police and rescue forces and partly filmed the operation. While pushing away the aggressive crowd, two 21- and 23-year-old men and a 32-year-old woman attacked the police officers from the crowd.

Only with the support of more than ten patrol cars and two service dogs was it possible to calm the situation.

The officers took the intoxicated attackers into custody for several hours. Two police officers suffered injuries during the operation.

Original text: Michael Wrobel

Translation: Mareike Graepel