500 participants expected Organisers of the Pride Demo in Bonn take action against ban

Bonn · In the dispute over the Pride demonstration in Bonn on Saturday, the organisers have taken legal action against the ban. The city had prohibited the parade from Beuel to the Münsterplatz, due to coronavirus.



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In the dispute over the Pride parade on Saturday, the organisers have filed a complaint against the city and the police at the administrative court in Cologne. The city had prohibited the demonstration. The organisers, which include Aids-Hilfe Bonn and the GAP youth centre, wanted to march with 500 participants from the Rheinlust in Beuel through the city centre to the Münsterplatz, starting at 11 a.m., to draw attention to the concerns of gay and lesbian people.

"The minimum distance of 1.5 metres between the participants and bystanders, which must be maintained throughout the entire procession and the duration of the meeting, is difficult to implement with 500 participants," the press office said about the reasons. It was unclear how the Corona Protection Ordinance could be complied with in this case, the press office continued. The police allowed the organisers to hold a rally in the Hofgarten instead of the parade. "We continue to assume that the demonstration parade will start as planned on the banks of the Rhine in Beuel. A final rally will most likely take place afterwards on the Hofgartenwiese", Daniel Krämer of the AIDS Hilfe announced by e-mail on Friday morning. A court decision is expected on Friday afternoon.

(Original text: Dennis Scherer; Translation: John Chandler)

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