Change in corona guideline Outdoor pools are now allowed more visitors

Bonn · As of June 24, Wednesday, the number of guests allowed in outdoor pools at one time has increased. The City of Bonn said that other measures in place because of the coronavirus will remain unchanged.

 More visitors are now allowed in most of Bonn’s outdoor pools.

More visitors are now allowed in most of Bonn’s outdoor pools.

Foto: Ronald Friese

More visitors are now allowed in Bonn’s outdoor pools; the City of Bonn made the announcement on Wednesday. It applies to both shifts, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. The maximum number of visitors allowed in the Melbbad outdoor pool is now 800 instead of 650. At the Panoramabad in Rüngsdorf and the Hardtbergbad, the number is increased to 600 from 500. At the Friesdorf outdoor pool, 250 guests are now allowed instead of 150. At the Römerbad the maximum number of visitors remains at 950.

At the start of the outdoor pool season in Bonn, policies were put in place to ensure hygiene and protection standards were followed. The measures were adopted to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The policies are "well accepted" by the visitors, according to the city administration. "We have also received a lot of positive feedback with regard to the online booking system," it said.

According to the communication from the city, more than 55,000 guests have visited the outdoor pools in Bonn so far this season. This includes 19,045 who visited the "Rüngsi", 4,953 the outdoor pool in Friesdorf, 12,114 the Melbbad, 13,281 the Römerbad and 6,082 the Hardtbergbad.

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