Post apologises Parcel deposited miles away in Bonn

BONN · A mistake in the delivery system of Deutsche Post DHL led to a Bonner from Südstadt having to pick up his parcel in Duisdorf. The Post has apologised.

When his parcel arrived, Bernhard Nellen was not at home. The parcel messenger from Deutsche Post DHL took it with him again and stored it in a stationery shop about five kilometres away. A system error, as it turned out later.

But first, it was a great nuisance for the man from Bonn, who had to follow his parcel with public transport. Nellen lives in the southern part of Bonn and had to pick up his parcel in Duisdorf. He can only shake his head about that, especially as the same thing happened again a short time later. When he called the post office, he had received a very unsatisfactory reply: "I was told that the postman had chosen a post office that was equally accessible to everyone.“ As this reply showed Nellen was completely misunderstood.

Company apologises

Only at the request of the General-Anzeiger did it turn out, however, that the choice of the location five kilometres away was a fault in the system. According to a spokesman for the Bonn-based company, the nearest branch is normally stored in the messenger's devices used to inform the customer where to find his parcel. "This is always a branch that is within walking distance," says the speaker. He did not name an exact radius, but in the case described it was definitely a mistake for which the company could only apologise. The mistake has now also been rectified.

However, the Post spokesperson also stressed that it is not always possible to reach the nearest branch. Especially in times when parcel volumes are particularly high. Then it could happen that some post offices reach their capacity limits. The parcel volume is currently still high. In contrast to Christmas, the situation has eased somewhat, but many are now redeeming their vouchers. The spokesman also refers to thoseparcel stations that could help if the customer knew that he was often not at home when the parcels arrived. There are around 20 „Packstationen“ in Bonn.

(Original text: Nadine Klees / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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