District court confirms proceedings Parent company of ice-cream café La Luna insolvent

Beuel · Locked doors, the furniture removed: The ice-cream café La Luna in Beuel is closed for good. Apparently, the parent company has gone into insolvency.

The rumours were stirring for days: It was said that the Beuel franchise of the La Luna ice-cream café was not insolvent but the mother company itself.

Already at the end of the April, the local court in Mönchengladbach opened the according proceedings, as reported by economic analysts „North Data“. Apparently the mother company was dissolved. The information about insolvency proceedings was confirmed by Fabian Novara, judge at the Mönchengladbach court.

There was no concrete comment released by the „La Luna“ head quarters. „After consulting with the management I can inform you that due to the current court proceedings I can give you no further information on the Bonn franchise“, said Björn Hinzpeter when contacted by the General-Anzeiger.

SwissLife, who owns the Glaspavillon in close proximity to the Beuel city hall, also had no more details. „We cannot give you any public information because the details are confidential“, said Yvonne Hoberg for SwissLife.

The franchise holding „La Luna“ has opened about 50 ice-cream cafés in the past 20 years. In North Rhine-Westphalia alone it is said to have 27 cafés.

(Original text: Gabriele Immenkeppel / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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