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Delayed effect of subway construction: Partial road collapse in Bonn city center

Delayed effect of subway construction : Partial road collapse in Bonn city center

A part of the road “am Alten Friedhof” in Bonn city center caved in on Thursday afternoon. It is thought to be a delayed effect from underground construction on the subway more than 30 years ago. The collapsed road had to be closed off, heavily impacting the traffic situation.

At the intersection of “am Alten Friedhof” (Old Cemetery), the road partially collapsed on Thursday. Stadtwerke Bonn municipal authorities said a cavity had been created under the road. Traffic had to be partially diverted. Bus lines 602, 605 and 605 were not able to reach various stops in the city for an hour. Two of the stops that buses could not reach were Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz and Friedensplatz.

Markus Schmitz from the City of Bonn press office explained to GA the likely reason for what happened. More than 30 years ago, when they were constructing the subway, wooden planks were used to secure the earth. The wood, which was used for the construction of the light rail between the town hall and Bonn’s central station, is now rotting. This likely created a cavity that led to the road sinking. Workers from the civil engineering bureau have now filled this cavity and are monitoring the situation. If no further sinking of the road occurs, the road surface will be renewed, according to the spokesman.

Orig. text: Stephan Werschkull

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