“Bermuda Triangle” party on Saturday Party to kick-start Bonn's nightlife

Bonn · The clubs Nachtschicht, Nachtlounge, Namenlos and Frittebud form the so-called “Bermuda Triangle” party scene in Bonn. At least that's according to two Bonn event planners who want to revive Bonn's club scene with a special party night on Sunday.

 The “Bermuda Triangle party” takes place in various clubs in Bonn.

The “Bermuda Triangle party” takes place in various clubs in Bonn.

Foto: dpa/Sophia Kembowski

If you live in Bonn and want to dance the night away, you will probably head to Cologne. The choice of clubs is much greater there. But two event planners, Julius Klüver and David Statthalter, think that's really a pity. "It's not good for Bonn's nightlife if you go to Cologne to dance," says Klüver. When he studied at university in Bonn 16 years ago, there were twelve clubs in Bonn - today there are four. "I have the feeling that Bonn's nightlife is dying out," says the event organizer. "We want to show that there are not just parties for university students in their fields of study in Bonn, but also new approaches (to nightlife events).” That's why the two event planners are holding the “Fête du Bermudadreieck” (Bermuda Triangle party) on Sunday, May 19, for the second year in a row.

The party involves several pubs and nightclubs organizing a joint event on one evening. Bonn residents can party at Nachtschicht and Namenlos on Bornheimer Strasse as well as at Nachtlounge and Frittdebud on Franzstrasse. The Frittebud is actually a snack bar that serves burgers and fries. "We thought it could be quite good if you could also dance in a place where you eat burgers, we wanted to try something unusual," says Klüver.

There will be workshops in the different clubs from 8 to 10 pm: Klüver and Statthalter want to give young people an understanding of what it’s like to work as a DJ or event organizer. Starting at 10 p.m., you can party in the participating venues with just one admission ticket. The price is kept low: Tickets are eight euros in advance or ten euros at the venue, and this allows you to get into all participating clubs. Anyone who wants to do one of the workshops should register early, as the number of participants is limited. This can be done on the event page on Facebook. Anyone who books a place in a workshop can also automatically go to all the clubs.

Only female DJs

It was important to the two event planners to focus on female DJs and musicians. "Because women are underrepresented in this field and we want to change that," says Klüver. A female musician will also perform live during the event. "That way, people who are waiting in line can listen to music and get in the mood," says Klüver. It was also important to the event organizers that all the DJs and the vocalist are new to the industry in order to give them a platform. Various genres from hip hop to pop or house and techno will be played.

What's more, the event has a special name. Klüver and Statthalter explained what they had in mind: "You can party and go out dancing in Bonn, especially in this area," says Klüver. They used “Bermuda Triangle” in the name because of the comparison to ships disappearing in the real Bermuda Triangle. "It's the same with a good night of partying. Someone always gets lost," says Klüver.

The first Bermuda Triangle party took place two years ago. Klüver and Statthalter received good feedback from the first event and decided to do it again this year. The Bermuda party has been in the planning stages since Easter. The aim of the two event organizers is to make Bonn's nightlife more attractive again. This way, Bonn residents can walk home after a night of partying instead of waiting for a train in Cologne.

(Orig. text: Maike Velden / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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