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Accident in Uckerath: Passers-by find seriously injured cyclist in Hennef

Accident in Uckerath : Passers-by find seriously injured cyclist in Hennef

A seriously injured cyclist was found on Tuesday evening in Hennef-Uckerath. It remains unclear if the 18-year-old man collided with another vehicle or cyclist prior to being discovered.

It was around 6.45pm when passers-by found a young cyclist from Uckerath who was seriously injured. When the emergency services arrived at the scene, he was not responsive. „We don’t know what happened prior to him being found“, said a spokesperson of the police. It is unclear if the accident victim collied with another cyclist or a vehicle, or if it was a single-vehicle accident.

The 18-year-old was brought to a hospital. The police could not yet confirm if his situation was life threatening. He was not wearing a helmet.

In order to reconstruct the events of the accident, the police is looking for witnesses. If you have been near the scene or can make any statement in connection with it, please contact the police at 02241-5413521.

Original text: GA Bonn

Translation: Mareike Graepel