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Family looking for guardian angels: Passers-by save the life of Beuel man

Family looking for guardian angels : Passers-by save the life of Beuel man

Wolfgang Schilling (70) had several guardian angels. During a bicycle ride he suffered a severe heart attack and fell heavily. Passers-by recognised the emergency situation and initiated first aid.

Wolfgang Schilling had more than one guardian angel. "To be precise, he had three," his wife Margot now tells the GA. Without these helpers, her husband would probably no longer be alive. For it was only through their courageous springing into action that the 70-year-old was saved. "I don't even want to think what would have happened if they hadn't intervened so professionally," she reports. "I can't tell you how grateful we are," adds the woman from Beuel. She would like to thank the passers-by personally. "But I don't know their names," she says. Together with her sister-in-law Ute Steffen-Kau, she is now searching for the first responders via social media.

Wolfgang Schilling took advantage of the first warm rays of sunshine on Tuesday last week to go for a bike ride in the countryside. On his way back home, however, he suddenly had a serious accident at about 5.40 p.m. near the junction of Johannesstraße and Hermannstraße. From one second to the next, the 70-year-old man suddenly fell onto the road. He suffered serious injuries to his face. But the cause of the accident was much more serious. This was noticed by three passers-by who immediately rushed to Schilling's aid.

First aiders recognised heart attack

The first aiders, who apparently all work in medical professions, quickly recognised that a severe heart attack was probably the cause of the fall. "Although my husband had no history of heart disease," said Margot Schilling. "There were no signs at all.“

"A young man immediately positioned him properly. The other two helpers were a nurse as well as a doctor who immediately assessed the situation correctly," Margot Schilling says. They started resuscitation while still on the street, because by now Wolfgang Schilling no longer had a heartbeat. "Today I know that my husband only survived the severe heart attack because the three passers-by reacted and acted quickly and, above all, expertly," she says and is grateful. Just five minutes later, an ambulance was on the scene and paramedics and an emergency doctor attended to Wolfgang Schilling.

The scene was observed by an acquaintance of the family, who immediately called Margot Schilling. "When I arrived at the scene of the accident a short time later, my husband was already lying in the ambulance and was being resuscitated again," she reports.

The family is aware that the day would have ended very differently without the selfless commitment of the helpers. That is why she would like to thank the passers-by personally. "We all know very well that my husband owes his life to them," says the woman from Beuel. "That would be really important to us.“

In the meantime, Wolfgang Schilling's health has improved somewhat. He is currently in the university hospital in Bonn. In the meantime, he has undergone heart surgery there. Slowly, things are looking up again - even if only in small steps. "He was given a second life. And we owe that above all to the passers-by," says Margot Schilling.

Anyone who knows one of the three helpers can get in touch by emailing margot.schilling@googlemail.com. (Original text: Gabriele Immenkeppel / Translation: Mareike Graepel)