Construction work since November Pedestrian bridge opened at Bonn main station

Bonn · The pedestrian bridge between platform 1 and the new parking garage at Bonn Central Station has been in use since Monday. The opening had been delayed again and again recently.

 No more barriers: the pedestrian bridge has been open since Monday.

No more barriers: the pedestrian bridge has been open since Monday.

Foto: Volkhard Stern

The new pedestrian bridge made of white steel has been connecting track 1 of Bonn Central Station with the new parking garage since November. But it has only been able to fulfill its purpose since this Monday: It was opened to pedestrians after having been closed for months. A GA reader had already anticipated a "new construction scandal in the federal city“.

The opening had been delayed several times. Most recently, the city said it wanted to open the bridge after Easter at the latest. The city of Bonn justifies the renewed delay with change requests of the German railroad.

Accordingly, the fence in front of the Railway Mission was to be changed first, then also the grounding. Finally, the design of the barrier-free access should also be adapted.

All work on the bridge completed

"This led to time delays in each case because an extensive set procedure had to be gone through for each individual change request," the city said in response to a GA query. "This begins with the formulation of the change requests through the planning incorporation, followed by the company assignment, material ordering and implementation, and the final inspection."

Now with the inspection, all construction work on the twelve-ton bridge is complete, according to the city. As a result, commuters with bicycles as well as customers of buses and trains can now benefit "from a short way over the pedestrian bridge to the main station," as Mayor Katja Dörner announced back in December.

The Hauptbahnhof parking garage has already been open since May, as was also reported. There are 258 car parking spaces here. In addition, citizens can use the bicycle parking garage with 200 parking spaces.

Original text: Fabian Schäfer
Translation: Mareike Graepel

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