In Bonn’s Altstadt People start to flock to the cherry blossoms

Bonn · The cherry trees in Bonn's Altstadt are revealing their splendor earlier than expected. The pink blossoms has already attracted many admirers as early as Friday, March 29. This is what residents and visitors have to say about the sea of pink.

 Visitors walking through Bonn’s Altstadt to admire the cherry blossoms.

Visitors walking through Bonn’s Altstadt to admire the cherry blossoms.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

The famous cherry trees in Bonn's Altstadt (Old Town) are almost in full bloom. On Friday, March 29, the streets around Breite Strasse and Heerstrasse, where the pink cherry blossoms are especially impressive, became crowded in the afternoon. For years, the splendor of the Japanese cherry blossoms has attracted thousands of visitors from near and far. Bonn’s cherry blossoms are considered one of the things in the world that you should see at least once in your life.

Volker Wulf (45) is standing with his two children Ida (8) and Fridolin (7) at the Marien School on Heerstrasse. But unlike most people who are out and about there, for once they are not admiring the cherry trees. It is the small schoolyard behind a little wall that has caught their interest. When asked about the annual flowering spectacle, they say that they live on Heerstrasse and are very proud that their neighborhood has become world-famous for its cherry blossoms. "I think it's great that cars won't be allowed to drive through here on the next few weekends. That will improve the beauty of the area even more," says Wulf, who is not a car owner.

Majdzaid Alkilani (33) has set up his crêpes trolley on a street corner on Heerstrasse especially for the cherry blossom season. The 33-year-old plans to be there and sell his crêpes for the whole month. The number of customers is still manageable. "But I'm expecting a very big rush starting tomorrow." The work is a lot of fun in the relaxed atmosphere, and he even wants to be at his crêpes stand on his birthday on April 6, he says and laughs. "You absolutely have to go to Breite Strasse, where the cherry trees are in bloom and even more pretty than here.”

Evelyn Louven (66) also lives in the Altstadt and walks through the streets almost every day. "I've watched the flowers develop right from the start," she says. She loves these walks. When she hears that Heerstrasse and Breite Strasse are to be closed to through traffic on the weekends after Easter, she nods in agreement. "That's a good idea. It's already a burden for the residents when so many people are on the streets here." Sonja Kellermann (53) lives close to the banks of the Rhine and is enjoying the calm before the storm in the Altstadt on this Good Friday (March 29). "When the crowds come, I give the Altstadt a wide berth," she says.

Stephan Hübecker and his wife Tatjana have traveled from Beuel. The couple are visiting from Thuringia over Easter, and of course they don't want to deprive their guests of the magical blossoms. "We haven't been here for a few years, but it really is beautiful," enthuses Stefan Hübecker.

If there are large numbers of visitors over the Easter period, the city of Bonn has said that it would close the roads this weekend if necessary for safety reasons. However, the city asks all visitors to avoid traveling by car if possible. During the next weekends, parts of the Altstadt will be closed to through traffic from 10 am to 8 pm for the duration of the cherry blossom festival. Residents and delivery vehicles are exempt from this regulation.

As every year during the cherry blossom season, there is a flea market in the streets of the Altstadt - this year it is on Saturday, April 6, from 11 am to 5 pm. On Sunday, April 14, a design market is planned for the Marien School schoolyard from 11 am to 6 pm. The Bonn Information Office also offers guided tours. Further information can be found at

Orig. text: Lisa Inhoffen

Translation: ck

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