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Virtual reality: Phantasialand opens new VR roller coaster Crazy Bats

Virtual reality : Phantasialand opens new VR roller coaster Crazy Bats

Phantasialand opens its new virtual reality roller coaster "Crazy Bats" this Tuesday. There, „bats“ will accompany the ride through a castle.

Roller coaster meets animation - starting this Tuesday, visitors of the Brühl Phantasialand can ride the new virtual reality roller coaster "Crazy Bats". On the route of the former "Temple of the Nighthawk" the guests now experience a funny, more than four-minute adventure with three crazy bats in the leading role.

Already on Monday evening employees of the amusement park were allowed to get a first impression of the new attraction. "You forgets that you sit in a roller coaster. The distance you experience with VR glasses is great," said René, who also had no problems with those goggles despite wearing glasses. He simply pulled the VR glasses, which are handed over to the guests shortly before the station and placed on a conveyor belt after the ride and then taken for cleaning, over his own.

The VR glasses can be easily tightened with a knob on the back, they then automatically focus. During the ride, visitors race through a castle. The film is perfectly adapted to the route. "Crazy Bats' is family fun and an experience that simply suits us. We are super happy with it", Marketing Director Birgit Reckersdrees told the GA.

More detailed reporting to follow...

Original text: Marcel Wolber

Translation: Mareike Graepel