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Amusement park in Brühl: Phantasialand unexpectedly opens new theme world Rookburgh

Amusement park in Brühl : Phantasialand unexpectedly opens new theme world Rookburgh

In a surprise move, Phantasialand in Brühl has opened its new theme world called Rookburgh. As of today, visitors at the amusement park can visit the new attractions there. Because of the pandemic, there may be some limitations.

It came as a surprise for many and there was no advance notice. Phantasialand opened its new theme world called Rookburgh on Thursday. According to the Phantasialand amusement park in Brühl, visitors can now visit the new attractions - even though they are still in a so-called soft opening. During this phase, according to the company, there may still be short-term, temporary closures of the entire theme world or individual attractions.

The star of the new theme world, which has now opened after four years of construction, is what the park calls the "first Flying Launch Coaster" and the "longest Flying Coaster in the world". The new Hotel Charles Lindbergh is also part of Rookburgh. The Flying Coaster is a roller coaster where the cars are basically suspended under the track and the passengers are more or less lying on their stomachs. The special thing about it is that it is a "Flying Launch Coaster"; the cars are not pulled up a slope and then accelerated while descending, instead the acceleration is triggered by a catapult start, similar to the roller coaster Taron, which opened in the park most recently.

The ride begins with people sitting upright until the pilot seat turns under the rail for the so-called lift-off and the visitors are shot into the sky lying down. According to Phantasialand, the lateral rotation into the lying position was developed especially for the ride and is unique worldwide.

"It feels as if one is flying like a bird when you glide through the theme world. That makes it unbelievably fun”, explains spokesperson Christina Herrmann to the GA. She adds, “The combination of hotel, theme world, and roller coaster is unique. Because the Coaster flies directly through the hotel.”

In order to become the "longest Flying Coaster in the world", the new coaster at Phantasialand had to beat out the Flying Dinosaur. The roller coaster at Universal Studios Japan is 1,124 meters long.

There will be no official opening date for Rookburgh due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the new hotel, whose vaulted rooms are designed in the style of aeronautical cabins, can be booked immediately and will open on September 24. The new themed area also includes the Uhrwerk restaurant, the Zum Kohleschipper sandwich shop and Emilie's chocolate and candy workshop.

Due to the corona pandemic, only a limited number of guests can currently visit the Rookburgh theme world.

Orig. text: Marcel Wolber

Translation: ck