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Covid-19: Pharmacies now issue digital certificates for those who have recovered

Covid-19 : Pharmacies now issue digital certificates for those who have recovered

For a while now, people who have received a Covid-19 vaccine have been able to obtain a certificate in digital form at pharmacies across Germany. With immediate effect, the same will now be available for people who have recovered from the virus.

Those who have recovered from Covid-19 can now obtain a digital certificate at pharmacies in Germany. The Federal Association of German Pharmacists (Abda) shared this new development on Tuesday.

People who have survived a Covid-19 infection and want to get the digital certificate must present a valid identification document and a positive PCR test, which may not be older than 180 days.

The association explained that so far there have only been digital certificates for vaccinated people and vaccinated, recovered persons, but not for people who have only recently been infected and and who could not yet be vaccinated.

With the so-called 3G rule now being widely implemented, this is an important step to standardize how people can provide proof of their recovery. The 3G rule means that entry is allowed to many places for the “Geimpfte, Genesene, Getestet” (“immunized, recovered or tested persons”).

The service is free of charge. Pharmacies reportedly receive 5.04 euros plus VAT from the

Federal Office for Social Security. The following link provides a search portal for participating pharmacies: Mein Apothekenmanager/

(Orig. text: dpa, Carol Kloeppel, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)