Incendiary bomb found in situ Phosphorus bomb found in Siegburg

Siegburg · Late on Friday evening, a phosphorus bomb from the second world war was found at Isaac Bürger Street in Siegburg. According to initial information, it was found where it was originally placed.

 In Siegburg wurde eine Phosphorgranate gefunden.

In Siegburg wurde eine Phosphorgranate gefunden.

Foto: Alf Kaufmann

On Friday evening, a phosphorus-filled incendiary bomb from the Second World War was found in Siegburg. The fire brigade, police, rescue service and the public order office of the city of Siegburg were called out at about 8.30 p.m. to a large-scale operation in the Isaac-Bürger-Straße at the corner of Siegdamm. A large area was cordoned off. The bomb disposal team of the Düsseldorf Regional Administration and the Federal Police were on site.

At about 11.15 p.m., the bomb disposal team from Düsseldorf was able to load and remove the smoking bomb. An on-site detonation was not necessary. According to initial police findings, the incendiary bomb was originally placed at the location where it was found. The police have started an investigation.

(Original text:, translation John Chandler)

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