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Awards from Lieferando: "Pizza Mann" is the favorite delivery service in Bonn

Awards from Lieferando : "Pizza Mann" is the favorite delivery service in Bonn

Whether burgers, sushi, or pizza, there is hardly anything that you can’t order from the comfort of your sofa. Which food delivery services rate particularly high in Bonn? German online portal Lieferando.de has presented the "Best Restaurant Awards 2018".

Everyone has those days when they just don’t feel like cooking. Not wanting to go hungry, people like to order in food. This can be accomplished in an old-fashioned way by using a telephone, but for many years now also per App. The food platform Lieferando.de has now revealed which three delivery services were the top favorites of Bonn residents last year.

In the winners’ circle, Italian food is at the top of the list. And “Pizza Mann", located on Sternenburgstrasse, is happy about landing in first place. The Yansoon (Moltkestrasse), whose Afghan dumplings are especially in demand, came in second. It was followed by the Marmara pizzeria taking third place (Rochusstrasse).

In the Germany-wide ranking, however, Bonn's delivery services came away empty-handed: First place went to the Erfurt restaurant "Crazy Pizzeria Home & Lieferservice", which prevailed against a total of 1,230 competitors. It's hardly surprising that Italian food occupies the top spot when it comes to food delivery services: pizza was the most ordered dish on Lieferando.de in 2018 - followed by burgers and spring rolls. Orig. text: ga.de Translation: Carol Kloeppel