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GA listed: Places where you can wine and dine outside

GA listed : Places where you can wine and dine outside

Autumn has arrived here and eating outdoors is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. However, there are some places in Bonn and the region where you can wine and dine outdoors during autumn as well. An overview.

Sitting outside as much as possible and/or airing a lot - that's what restaurateurs and their visitors have been advised to do so far. But in the meantime summer has said goodbye and sitting outside is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Many guests do not want to sit indoors during the Corona crisis. The prospect of low temperatures is fuelling the discussion about radiant heaters for catering establishments. They are considered an environmental sin and are therefore prohibited in many NRW municipalities.

The President of the Federal Environment Agency, Dirk Messner, has no objections to the temporary operation of electric radiant heaters in catering establishments. "For a transitional period - for example until a corona vaccine is available for the general population - the use of outdoor heaters is justifiable", Messner told the Funke Media Group. Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) also recently appealed to local authorities to temporarily lift the bans.

There is no such ban in Bonn and the region. As already announced by the city of Bonn at the beginning of September, it will also extend the free use of areas for outdoor catering until 31 March 2021. In order to protect guests, restaurateurs will be able to install mobile roofs or walls and also outdoor heaters. Many restaurateurs in the Bonn region would thus like to make it possible to visit restaurants outdoors in autumn and winter as well.

In these restaurants in Bonn and the region you can still sit and eat outside:

Gastronomy in Bonn


The Mediterranean restaurant and bar on Bottlerplatz (formerly Giacomo) currently provides an extended outdoor dining area with radiant heaters and ceilings. The Casbah offers everything from breakfast to dinner. According to the operators, the focus is on regional food and a sustainable concept. It is not clear for how long the outdoor gastronomy can be offered.

  • Address: Bottlerplatz 10, 53111 Bonn
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 9 to midnight
  • Contact: 0228 9695408

Lamb Goedzak

A pavilion in front of the restaurant in the Südstadt district of Bonn has been standing all year round, but now a heated tent is to be added to make visiting the restaurant pleasant in autumn and winter. "We were only waiting for the city of Bonn to give its consent," explains an employee of Lamme Goedzak. The tent has already been ordered.

  • Address: Argelander Str. 86, 53115 Bonn
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 11 to midnight
  • Contact: 0228 9212400

Café Blue

The Café Blau with its large outdoor area is a trendy meeting place for Bonn students, but it is also very popular among all other Bonn residents. The restaurant, which is also a café and bar, has radiant heaters so that guests do not freeze. They are to be used throughout the winter.

  • Address: Franziskanerstraße 9, 53113 Bonn
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 9 to 1 am and Sunday, 9 to 7.30pm
  • Contact: 0228 650717


L'Osteria am Rheinwerk has an outdoor area that is particularly popular in summer. Now this is also to be used partially in winter. However, according to the manager, the extent and duration of this is not yet clear. The branch in the centre of Bonn is considering a roofing with radiant heaters. There are no concrete plans yet.

  • Address: Portlandweg 4, 53227 Bonn; In der Sürst 3, 53111 Bonn
  • Opening hours: L'Osteria Bonn Rheinwerk: Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to midnight, Sundays and public holidays, 12 a.m. to midnight.; L'Osteria Innenstadt Bonn: Monday to Thursday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to midnight, Sunday, 12 - 11 p.m.
  • Contact: Rheinwerk: 0228 98148488, city centre: 0228 29975588

Café Spitz

Café Spitz am Stadthaus offers specialities of the Mediterranean cuisine. For the greater comfort of guests, it has an outdoor area equipped with two radiant heaters in the winter months. Further radiant heaters are currently being discussed.

  • Address: Sterntorbrücke 10, 53111 Bonn
  • Opening hours: Monday to Thursday and Sunday, 9 to 1 am, Friday and Saturday, 9 to 2 am
  • Contact: 0228 697430

Piazza San Paolo

The Piazza San Paolo in Lengsdorf has two radiant heaters for the winter season.

  • Address: Lengsdorfer Hauptstraße 14, 53127 Bonn-Lengsdorf
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday and Sunday, 12 to 2.30 pm and 6pm to 10.30 pm and Saturday, 18 to 10.30 pm
  • Contact: 0228 258596

San Marino

The Pizzeria San Marino is equipped for winter with outdoor radiant heaters, allowing guests to enjoy their food in the open air.

  • Address: Königswinterer Straße 717, 53227 Bonn-Oberkassel
  • Opening hours: daily 11.30 to 2.30 pm and 17 to 11 pm
  • Contact: 0228 441965 and stage (at the Bonn Opera) 0228 60889443

Ristorante Pizzeria da Giovanni

Italian cuisine is also available at Ristorante Pizzeria da Giovanni in Beuel. The restaurant has a large outdoor terrace and offers its guests a heated tent during the winter.

  • Adress: Friedrich-Breuer-Straße 65, 53225 Bonn
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11.30 - 2.30 pm and 17.30 - 11 pm
  • Contact: 0228 - 461279

Mr Lehmann

Homemade burgers and steaks and cocktails are offered by the restaurant Herr Lehmann in the centre of Bonn. Those who like to eat their food in the open air can visit the in-house winter garden with cushions, blankets and radiant heaters.

  • Address: Budapester Str. 11, 53111 Bonn
  • Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 11 am to 1 am, Friday and Saturday 11 am to 2 am and Sunday 5 pm to 11 pm
  • Contact: 0228 965595777

Gastronomy in the region

Blaue Sau in Bad Honnef

The Blaue Sau in Bad Honnef has a large outdoor area, which is to be made available to guests even in the cold season. The outdoor heaters provide an additional relaxed atmosphere during the cold season.

  • Address: Lohfelder Str. 22, 53604 Bad Honnef
  • Opening hours: Monday to Thursday (Tuesday closed), 4pm to midnight, Friday and Saturday, 12noon to 1 am and Sunday, 12noon to 11 pm
  • Contact: 01511 7904470

Casbah in Siegburg

The Casbah in Siegburg also allows guests to enjoy an outdoor restaurant. Thanks to awnings with radiant heaters as well as blankets, the Mediterranean offer with many vegetarian and vegan dishes can be enjoyed outside even in cooler temperatures.

  • Address: Market 35, 53721 Siegburg
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 11 to midnight, Sunday, 12 to midnight
  • Contact: 02241 9592999

Ristorante Remise in Siegburg

The Italian restaurant Remise is dedicated to upscale Italian cuisine but also offers seasonal dishes and special offers. In October and November guests can order various game dishes, and from December a Christmas menu. Guests can also make themselves comfortable outside in the inner courtyard with radiant heaters.

  • Address: Haufeld 2a, 53721 Siegburg
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 12noon to 2.30 pm and 6 to 11 pm
  • Contact: 02241 503 03

Restaurant Cox at the Waldhotel Rheinbach

Mediterranean cuisine, accompanied by exquisite regional specialities: that's what you'll find at the Restaurant Cox in the Waldhotel Rheinbach. So that guests don't have to freeze outside, there is a roofed courtyard with radiant heaters.

  • Address: Oil mill path 99, 53359 Rheinbach
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 12noon to 10 pm
  • Contact: 02226 169 220

anno17 in Siegburg

Culinary delicacies await guests in the former abbey rooms, which are home to the restaurant anno17. Unlike in recent years, there is now the possibility of dining outside in the winter months due to the outdoor heaters.

  • Address: Mountain road 26, 53721 Siegburg
  • Opening hours: Monday 6 to 11 pm, Tuesday to Friday 3 to 11 pm, Saturday 10 to 11pm and Sunday 10 to 6 pm
  • Contact: 02241 2517160

This is a list which does not claim to be exhaustive nor would it have followed objective criteria. It is also not a ranking. The order is arbitrary. Are you missing a restaurant? Please send us an e-mail to online@ga.de.