Animal on the run Police catches upset goat in Rheinbach

Rheinbach/Meckenheim · A free-ranging goat has repeatedly become a danger to itself and others in Rheinbach and Meckenheim in recent days. It was not until Tuesday evening that the police were able to catch the enraged animal.

 The goat spent the night at the Gnadenhof Anna e.V.   

The goat spent the night at the Gnadenhof Anna e.V.  

Foto: Axel Vogel

An angry goat has caused police officers in the Rhine-Sieg district all kinds of trouble. The free-ranging animal had become a danger to itself and others in recent days, including to road traffic, officials reported on Wednesday. A first attempt to catch the goat failed in Meckenheim on Monday evening, they said. "There was visual contact several times, a patrol car was also slightly damaged," police logged, adding, "But then the offender managed to escape.“

Finally, on Tuesday evening, witnesses again reported the goat, now in Rheinbach. The animal was almost hit by a car. The driver had braked just in time. Police officers succeeded finally in driving the goat with their patrol car in to a fenced property. There all escape routes could be blocked. A veterinarian from Much finally anesthetized the animal.

The Gnadenhof Anna e.V. from Rheinbach-Neukirchen took in the goat overnight. The police reported further with a wink: "On the pasture the colleagues carried out another health and safety speech and admonished the animal to pay attention in the future to the road traffic regulations." As Heike Schneider, owner of the Gnadenhof, explained, the goat was not in a good condition: "It looks quite malnourished."

On Wednesday morning, the police were finally able to locate the owner of the goat, who picked it up a short time later. According to GA information, a total of four goats had escaped from the man. While he was able to recapture two of them himself, the fourth animal is still on the run.

Original text: (dpa)

Translation: Mareike Graepel

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