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Presence and intervention plan: Police check young people in Bad Godesberg

Presence and intervention plan : Police check young people in Bad Godesberg

Bonn police again targeted the “known meeting points for young people” in Bad Godesberg on Saturday evening. Checks were carried out on 107 people and 19 vehicles.

Bonn police again performed checks at “known meeting points for young people” in parks and in school playgrounds on Saturday evening as part of its presence and intervention plan in Bad Godesberg.

At the start of the operation, carried out jointly with the city’s public order officials, officers performed checks on several people in the Kurpark and Redoutenpark. Checks were made on a group of 18 young people in the Panoramapark. Their music was too loud.

In the Rheinaue, they noticed a “party getting out of hand”. The group had to clear their party site, a fire was put out and twelve people told to move on.

After another check in the Panoramapark, officers were underway in the Moltkestraße area. A vehicle being searched for because it was uninsured was pulled over from the traffic. The 28-year-old driver was not allowed to continue his journey. Investigation proceedings have started against him and the 22-year-old vehicle owner.

In total, officers checked 107 people and 19 vehicles during the course of the operation.

(Original text: Sebastian Meltz. Translation: kc)