Thefts in Bonn and the region Police continue searching for owners of stolen bicycles

Bonn · After a large-scale operation in Bonn, Alfter, Cologne and Poland, during which about 180 stolen bicycles were seized, the police assigned 70 of them to their original owners. The search for further victims continues.

 Numerous stolen bicycles were found during searches in Bonn, Alfter, Cologne and Poland.

Numerous stolen bicycles were found during searches in Bonn, Alfter, Cologne and Poland.

Foto: Polizei Bonn

In the case of the large-scale deployment of the Bonn police against bicycle thieves on 28 August, the officers have already assigned 70 of the approximately 180 bicycles seized to their original owners. According to police, the majority of the bicycles have already been handed over. Meanwhile, officers are searching for owners of the other stolen bicycles.

Background: In August, the Bonn police had searched warehouses and apartments in Bonn, Alfter and Cologne after several months of investigations in a large-scale operation. During the search, 41 bicycles and other evidence were confiscated. At the same time, Bonn criminal police and Polish officials searched rooms in Kamienna Gora in Poland. There, 140 bicycles were seized and transported to Germany by truck. Since then, the Bonn police have been searching for the owners of the bicycles with photos on the website The investigations against the suspects continue.

The police are looking for people who have had their bicycles stolen from Bonn and the surrounding area in the past two years. The Bike Task Force can be contacted by calling 0228/158772 or 15-8725 or by e-mail at

The investigators ask for a contact number, even if uncertainty exists whether it is actually the persons own stolen wheels. These can be ascertained for example on the basis of the frame numbers and individual characteristics.

(Original text: Joshua Bung; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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