Motorway near Blessem Police discover seriously injured female driver on closed A1 motorway

Blessem · Because she was following her navigation system, a motorist drove into the area of the A1 near Blessem that is closed due to flood damage. There she crashed and was seriously injured. She was only found by chance.

 Motorway 1 near Blessem is currently being repaired.

Motorway 1 near Blessem is currently being repaired.

Foto: Jörg Manhold

A female motorist crashed on the closed area of the A1 near Blessem on Tuesday evening. She was seriously injured, as the police announced on Wednesday. According to initial findings, the 61-year-old woman had followed her navigation system at around 10 p.m., disregarded one of the barriers and crashed into a sand pile without braking.

Police officers discovered the woman, who had no mobile phone with her, by chance at the accident site about 90 minutes after the accident. Rescue workers took the woman who was from the Heinsberg district and unfamiliar with the area, to a hospital.

The A1 near Blessem is still closed in the northbound direction due to damage caused by the floods in July. The area is currently being rehabilitated.

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Translation: Mareike Graepel

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