Cases in Friesdorf and Pützchen Police investigate 30-year-old after women are harassed

Beuel/Bad Godesberg · The driver of a BMW, who is alleged to have harassed a woman in Friesdorf as she was biking home, has been found. He is a 30-year-old Bonn man. Meanwhile, another case has come to light.

At around 5pm, a 48-year-old woman was riding on her bike on Siegbürger Straße in Pützchen towards Sankt Augustin. According to her statement, she noticed a black BMW with a Bonn license plate which was blocking the bike path. The driver called out to her. He didn’t ask her for directions, instead he told her she had “beautiful feet.” The woman did not respond and continued on her way.

She only connected this incident to the one in Friesdorf after she read about it in the General Anzeiger. (An incident was reported this week in which a man in a black BMW followed a 28-year-old woman in Friesdorf to her apartment. She had been on her bike and he had also commented on her feet.) She recognized the description of the man and reported it to police. According to the press office, several clues came in after the description was reported. The man was ordered to the police station on Thursday morning, where he was questioned by police investigators. "Now the public prosecutor's office must examine whether a punishable offense exists," explained police spokesman Simon Rott.

Investigators want to know if any other women have been approached by the man, with the ruse of complimenting their feet. He is 1.75 meters tall, 30-years-old, has a bald head and a sturdy build. Any tips can be called in to police at (0228) 1 50. In the incident in Friesdorf, the man followed the 28-year-old to her apartment, where he is said to have become intrusive with his desire to touch her feet and take photos.

Orig. text: Jutta Specht. Translation: ck

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