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Woman from Sankt Augustin killed: Police investigating after fatal parachute jump

Woman from Sankt Augustin killed : Police investigating after fatal parachute jump

A 59-year-old woman from Sankt Augustin died on Saturday in the Eifel after her parachute failed to open during a jump. Police have started an investigation.

Police have started an investigation after a parachutist from Sankt Augustin had a fatal accident. “We have called in experts to find out why the parachute did not open,” said a police spokesman on Monday morning.

The 59-year-old died on Saturday lunchtime in the fall from a height of 4000 metres. The woman took off with 15 others from the parachute base at Dahlemer Binz. Neither her parachute nor her reserve chute opened during the jump meaning she crashed unchecked to earth.

Rescue services tried to revive the 59-year-old without success. Police said the victim was considered to be an experienced parachutist.

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