Reinforced checks Police moves out to new „poser“ meeting in Sankt Augustin

Sankt Augustin · The "poser" scene in Sankt Augustin kept the police busy over the weekend. Late on Sunday night, the officers moved out again after complaints and controlled dozens of people. The police now want to continue to monitor the scene.

 From the "poser" meeting last weekend, the Ordnungsamt reported no violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance.

From the "poser" meeting last weekend, the Ordnungsamt reported no violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance.

Foto: Alf Kaufmann

The so-called "posers" met again in the night to Monday in the commercial area around the McDonald's restaurant on Marie-Curie-Strasse in Sankt Augustin. The police intensified the controls this time. The reason for this were complaints that the "posers" were "drifting" around the traffic circle, according to police spokesman Burkhard Rick. That means, they drove again and again around the traffic circle, whereby the vehicle rear partially swerved. Police were on the scene Monday night with six officers, he reported, checking 50 to 60 people and then filing a criminal complaint. No further offences were recorded, despite the intensified checks, said the spokesperson.

Already the night before, about 250 „posers" had met there with their cars. Both officials of the police and the office of order were on the spot in the night to Sunday. However, they did not report any violations afterwards - neither against the road traffic regulations nor against the Corona Protection Ordinance.

The police want to continue to observe the scene, emphasised Burkhard Rick. Meetings with several hundred cars are often already an obstruction for road traffic and in the commercial area they would also block access to local stores.

"All in all, however," said Rick, "the poser scene in Sankt Augustin cannot be compared with the Cologne speeding scene." That already starts with the fact that the cars are not tuned, he said. Together with the Sankt Augustin public order office, the police now want to develop a strategy to further observe the scene and to be able to intervene in case of violations.

There has already been a joint action by the police and the public order office: on the weekend after Easter, both were on the road together at the known meeting points and thus prevented meetings. The task forces placed a special focus on driving licence and registration laws. Already before meetings were dissolved on the grounds of offences against the Corona regulations, the cordoning-off of the parking lots underneath the market in Sankt Augustin further offences were supposed to be prevented.

Apart from joint strategically planned operations, the police are also always ready to support the officers of the regulatory field service in their controls, the police spokesman emphasised. This is also possible on the spur of the moment.

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