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46 people checked: Police remove people from premises in Bad Godesberg

46 people checked : Police remove people from premises in Bad Godesberg

The Public Order Office and the police went on patrol together in Bad Godesberg on Saturday evening and performed checks on 46 people. Six people were removed from school premises.

Police carried out an intensive operation with plain clothes and uniformed officers alongside members of the Public Order Office in the Bad Godesberg area on Saturday. After plain clothes officers entered several sensitive areas, officers performed checks on a total of 46 people between 7pm and 2am. Police spokesman Robert Scholten said that after successfully performing checks on six people, officers removed them from a school site in Woltersweiher. They had previously carried out an identity check in the lower Godesburg area. Alcoholic drinks that underage youths had with them were poured away.

At around 11.15pm, officers checked 38 people in the Rheinaue area near the main access road and searched two people. No further police measures were necessary here, said police.

Four reports of breaches of drugs laws

The so-called intervention operation is part of a police strategy to improve the subjective feeling of security among the population, said Scholten. The discussions following the death of Niklas Pöhler were an unfortunate trigger, when residents repeatedly named the roundabout on Rheinallee as an unsafe place. Since then, Bonn police have significantly increased their presence in certain places where a sense of security is most lacking, said Scholten.

In particular, these include places where many groups of young people are usually present. “Even on Saturday, these were not especially dramatic situations. But we are noticing that our presence is having an effect,” said Scholten. After nearly 50 checks on Saturday, there were only four reports of breaches of drugs laws.

Original text: Dylan Cem Akalin. Transation: kc